SouthBeach Bingo The Grand VIP Tournament

SouthBeach Bingo has stacks of cash lined up as prizes for The Grand VIP Tournament, with promotions running three times a week and a €10.000 prize!

Stacks of Cash in The Grand VIP Tournament Starts on June 22nd

  • 1st Place €10.000
  • 2nd Place €7.500
  • 3rd Place €5.000
  • 4th Place €2.500
  • 5th – 10th Places €1.000
  • 11th – 20th Places 1.000 CHIP*

Calling all Very Important Players!

The Grand VIP Tournament has arrived and there are stacks of cash three times per week! Simply deposit a minimum €500 on either of our paired promotion days to be in with a chance to bag our 1st prize of €10.000, 2nd prize of €7.500, 3rd prize of €5.000, 4th prize of €2.500, €1.000 for 5th to 10th places, or a €1.000 chip for 11th to 20th place winners!

SouthBeach Bingo will award you one tournament point for every €1 wagered, so you’ve plenty of opportunities to win a major prize! They will see you at the Very Important Party people!

Morning Madness Bingo

Rise and shine in the Morning Madness online bingo tournament, hosted every day with 2 hours of special speed games with prizes reaching up to €1.000 CASH!

Rise and shine every day on the lucky side of the bed and play 2 hours of special speed games with gigantic prizes on every 5th call! Plus, if you buy 12 cards, we give you 12 cards for FREE!

Afrerhours 5 AM – 7 AM EST
€1.000 on every 5th call guaranteed 100

Dollar 7 AM – 9 AM EST,
€1.000 on every 5th call guaranteed 100

Desperate 9 AM – 11 AM EST,
€500 on every 5th call guaranteed 50