Win big in the biggest bingo event of the month

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It’s time to ramp up the bingo fun and excitement as we play for $13,000 of guaranteed cash prizes in the biggest bingo event of the month on Saturday, June 30 EDT. The Big Bingo $13,000 Guaranteed event is guaranteed to create more big winners at Bingo Fest in June and you could be winning $10,000 cash in the big game.

The Big Bingo $13,000 Event starts at 7:00PM EDT in the Tourney Bingo room on Saturday, June 30 EDT as we play the first of three exciting $1,000 guaranteed bingo games. Cards for these games cost $2.00 a card and there’s a fantastic $3,000 of guarantee cash prizes to be won.

At 10:00PM EDT it’s time to discover our next big winner at BingoFest as we play the biggest bingo game of the month and award a guaranteed cash prize of $10,000 to the winner. Cards for the big game cost $5.00 a card.

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Sparkling Bingo Fun

Get a helping hand to get over the mid-week hump when you join in the sparkling bingo fun every Wednesday night!

It’s time to add some dazzling bingo fun and excitement to your Wednesdays nights and help you over the mid-week hump with fabulous cash prizes to be won in our Diamond midweek Specials every Wednesday night in June.

We’ve got something special for everyone on Wednesday nights in the BingoFest Diamond Bingo room. Join in the dazzling bingo fun as we play three special Diamond Midweek Special bingo games from the top of the hour at 8:00PM EDT and again at 9:00PM EDT.

  • $6,000 Coverall Minimum $60 games
  • Starting $60 games
  • Guaranteed $60 games

All these exciting Diamond midweek special games will play for only $0.60 a card and will play alongside all your favorite Diamond Bingo room games.

Our Diamond Mid-Week Special games are the perfect way to help get you through the mid-week hump. Join in the dazzling bingo fun from 8:00PM EDT in the Diamond bingo room every Wednesday night in June. Sparkling cash prizes and incredible bingo fun are guaranteed.