Get ready for the tastiest Bingo party of the year with up to $100,000 of sweet cash prizes!

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Candylicious $100,000 Bingo party – The tastiest bingo party of the year. Get ready for the tastiest, most delicious Bingo party of the year with up to $100,000.00 of sweet tasting cash prizes to be won!

It’s time for a party, a Candylicious $100,000.00 Bingo Party at BingoFest on Friday, June 21 EDT as we celebrate National Candy Month. The party starts at 8:00PM EDT in the Summer Bingo room, so get ready to indulge your bingo senses with up $100,000.00 of Candylicious cash prizes.

  • $10,000.00 Coverall min $100.00 at $1.00 per card
  • $15,000.00 Coverall min $150.00 at $1.50 per card
  • $25,000.00 Coverall min $250.00 at $2.50 per card

These exciting Candylicious $100,000.00 Bingo Party games will play at the top of the hour at 8:00PM EDT and again at 9:00PM EDT in the Summer Bingo room and guarantee tasty bingo treats every game. Playing along with all your regular new bingo games, all our Candylicious $100,000.00 Bingo Party games have a special Buy 3 Get 2 Free offer on all cards.

Father’s Day Fun – Make Father’s Day special with huge cash prizes

Father’s Day on Sunday, June 16th is a day when every little girl and every little boy get to celebrate the special prince or superhero in their lives and thank them for everything that they do.

It’s time for some Daddy’s Bingo, and that means incredible bingo fun and excitement at Bingo Fest as we celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday, June 16th with 2 hours full of an exciting mix of bingo games with great cash prizes to be won.

  • Father’s Day Starting $100 games
  • $100 Father’s Day Reverse Coverall $350 games
  • Father’s Day Coverall $10,000 min $100 games

The Daddy’s Bingo fun starts at 7:00PM EDT in the Spring Bingo room and with every game playing for only $1.00 a card, it’s the perfect way to celebrate Father’s Day.

As a special Father’s Day gift, each game will have a special Buy 3 Get 2 Free offer on all cards. That’s more chances to be a winner when you celebrate Father’s Day at Bingo Fest.

Old Glory $1,500 Guaranteed Games – Celebrate Flag Day with fantastic cash prizes

Flag Day on Friday, June 14th is an important date in our calendar and what better way to salute “Old Glory” than with $1,500 of guaranteed cash prizes to be won in our exciting Old Glory $1,500 Guaranteed Games.

Join in the Flag Day celebrations from 8:00PM EDT in the Bingo Fest Spring Bingo room on Friday, June 14 EDT as we play the first of three exciting Flag Day $500 Guaranteed games. With a card cost of just $2.00 a card, these fun filled bingo games will play at 8:00PM EDT, 9:00PM EDT an 10:00PM EDT and guarantee $1,500 of cash prizes that must be won.

Get more chances to win $500 cash every game with a special Buy 6 Get 3 Free offer on all Old Glory $1,500 Guaranteed Games. Simply select 9 cards of your choosing and you’ll only pay for 6. Happy Flag Day!

Candy Bingo Tourney – Tasty bingo treats every week in June

Indulge your bingo taste buds between Monday and Thursday each week at BingoFest in June as we bring you a month filled with tasty Candy bingo games to enjoy in our Candy Bingo Tourney. With $1,000 of delicious prizes to be won every week, you’ll discover the sweetest bingo that you have ever tasted!

Join in the bingo fun and unwrap Bingo candy treats playing our special Candy Bingo Tourney between 12:01AM EDT on Monday and 11:59PM EDT on Thursday each week in the Spring Bingo room and you could be celebrating sweet success as our Candy Bingo Tourney winner of $300 in cash. With delicious prizes for the top 20 players each week, there’s no end to the Candy Bingo fun!

Ranking Prizes Balance
1st Place $300 Cash
2nd Place $200 Free Play Bonus
3rd Place $150 Free Play Bonus
4th Place $100 Free Play Bonus
5th Place $50 Free Play Bonus
6th – 10th $25 Free Play Bonus
11th – 15th $10 Free Play Bonus
16th – 20th $5 Free Play Bonus

Candy Bingo Tourney games will play once an hour every day in the Spring Bingo room between 12:01AM EDT on Monday and 11:59PM EDT on Thursday each week in June. Cards cost just $0.50 a card and every game awards a fantastic cash prize along with 1 Candy Bingo Tourney point to the winner. The more points that you win, the bigger the prize at the end of that week’s tourney.

Get more chances to be a winner in the BingoFest Candy Bingo Tourney with a special Buy 6 Get 3 Free offer on all Candy Bingo Tourney bingo cards. Select 9 cards and only pay for 6!