Marilyn’s $6,000 Birthday Bash Bingo at BingoFest

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Join Bingo Fest on Monday, June 1 EDT for Marilyn Monroe’s $6,000 Birthday Bash! Monday, June 1 EDT marks the birthday of one of the most influential entertainers of all time: Marilyn Monroe! This blonde American bombshell knew how to have a good time – and so do we!

To celebrate her special day, we are hosting three $2,000 coverall (min $200) BINGO games in the Spring BINGO Room starting at 8:00PM EDT. We will be playing one Coverall pattern as a top of the hour game over three hours, with cards at just $1.50 each and a card promotion of “Buy 6, Get 3 FREE!”

So grab a seat at the party table and join us for a chance to win fabulous prizes on Marilyn’s BIG day! You won’t want to miss this Birthday Bash!

Ice Cream and BINGO come together in our June Ice Cream Extravaganza!

Sunday, June 7 EDT is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day – so what better way take care of that sweet tooth than by offering you our exciting Ice Cream Extravaganza BINGO event!

Head over to the USA BINGO Room at 8:00PM EDT, where we will be offering an extra special, extra sweet BINGO cycle which will be made up of different high-paying games! Get ready for a full hour of starting $75.00 games, guaranteed $75.00 games, $75.00 reverse coverall $750.00 games and regular $750.00 coverall (min $75.00) bingo games. With cards priced at $1.50 for each of game, you wouldn’t think it could get much sweeter than this. But it does!

We are throwing in an additional promo for you! When you Buy 5 cards we’re going to give you 2 for FREE! How sweet is that? Happy National Chocolate Ice Cream Day!

If you’re not already a member, joining the BINGO family is quick and easy! Simply sign up by providing your name and email address and then verifying your account. It really is that easy!

Win $1,000 Cash in our Power Play Slots tourney!

Each weekend, from Friday through Sunday, we are going to be hosting an exciting Power Play Weekend Slots Tourney! This tourney is all about sports, so all the slots will consist of different sporting events! Get your game face on as the top twenty players get to share a piece of the weekly $2,000 prize pool.

The winner of the tournament is the player with the best equalized winnings over 1 round and will score a top prize of $1,000 in cash! The runner-up prizes are pretty impressive too and will be paid as Universal Bonuses. Bingo Fest 2nd place winner will walk away with $500, while 3rd gets $250, 4th wins $75 and 5th ends up with $50! Our 6th through 10th place winners receive $15 each and 11th to 20th places will get $5 each – again, all as universal bonuses!

Ranking Prizes Balance
1st Place $1,000 Cash
2nd Place $500 Universal Bonus
3rd Place $250 Universal Bonus
4th Place $75 Universal Bonus
5th Place $50 Universal Bonus
6th – 10th $15 Universal Bonus
11th – 20th $5 Universal Bonus