Saturday, February 29, Cyber Bingo biggest bingo event of the month

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$13,000 Big Bingo Event – The Biggest Bingo Event of the Month! On Saturday, February 29 EST, the biggest bingo event of the month will be here. The event will take place in the Tourney Room and run from 7:00PM EST through to 11:00PM EST.

There are going to be three warm-up games to get players ready, each played on the hour – 7:00PM EST, 8:00PM EST and 9:00PM EST.

These warm up games are going to be super lucrative as they offer a $1,000 Guaranteed Game at the top of the hour. Cards are $2.00 each. That’s an amazing $3,000 in guaranteed cash prizes and it’s only a warm up in preparation for the biggest bingo game of the month!

But the big event is yet to come. At 10:00PM EST is where our top game comes in. Here, we’re offering you an incredible $10,000 guaranteed game! For this game, the cards are selling at $5.00 each, but you’re really in for an impressive win if you come in the top spot!

Will you be our next Big Winner at Cyber Bingo? Join in the Big Bingo fun from 7:00PM EST on Saturday, February 29 EST or pre order your cards in advance to win a share of $13,000 in guaranteed cash prizes!

Super Bowl Tourney – Win Big on Super Bowl Sunday!

Every year things heat up in the football, and what better way to join in on the fun than by offering you the chance to get your hands on some fun bingo prizes. On Sunday, February 2 EST, head on over to our USA Bingo Room from 6:00PM EST until 12:00AM EST.

There’s a total giveaway of $500 during the event, but one lucky winner could be walking away with the top prize of $250 in cash! And this could be you! All other winners (and there are other winners), will split the remaining $250 and receive their prizes as Free play bingo bonus.

Ranking Prizes Balance
1st Place $250 Cash
2nd Place $125 Free Play Bonus
3rd Place $50 Free Play Bonus
4th Place $37.50 Free Play Bonus
5th Place $25.00 Free Play Bonus
6th – 10th $2.50 Free Play Bonus

So what games have we got in store for you? Well, the tourney will play on a High Low $75.00/ $35.00 games. These games will play as Top of the Hour games during the 6:00PM EST to 12:00AM EST hours. The more special Super Bowl Tourney games that you win, the bigger the prize.

We’ve even offered this at a super budget-friendly level as the cards are all priced at just $0.50 per card, isn’t that exciting. On top of that, we have a card promotion. If you buy 6 cards we’re going to give you 3 more for free!

Groundhog Day – Groundhog Day Bingo Games!

Head on over to the Valentine’s Bingo Room (yes, we’re in the month of love now!), at 8:00PM EST on Sunday, February 2 EST and you will be able to participate in our Groundhog Day $1,000 Reverse Coverall Game. We’re adding to the bingo fun with special $100 Guaranteed games and Starting games so that you can walk away instantly with some exciting prizes.

The Groundhog Day $1,000 Reverse Coverall Game plays as the Top of the Hour game at 8:00PM EST and is filled with coverall fun with up to $1,000 in cash to be won.

If you are planning to join in the Groundhog Day fun, then you’ll need to purchase a few bingo cards. Bingo cards for this event are priced at a reasonable $1.00 per card. What’s even better is that we’re offering an additional promo on these cards with a Buy 3 get 2 Free offer!