$3,000 Pyramid Squares What do the clues… Cleopatra, Caesar or Mulan mean?

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Answer… “Ancient world games with great prizes!”

Join us every Thursday evening from 8pm to Midnight (EST) for the Prime Time Pyramid Squares Tournament! This Tourney is open to ALL members and 50 players will get a prize when the tournament ends.

How to get your name in the ranking: Go to our Live Events Tab located under Promotions page. Click on the Events Icon and ENTER TOURNAMENT to participate. Start playing any of the listed machines below.

The highest 3 single wins on any of those slots will be displayed in the leaderboard. You have 4 hours to continue trying to beat your own record and your competitors’.

Prizes: Over $2,000 up for grabs in September. Join us every Thursday to get your share of the pie!

1st place:$100 CASH
2nd place:$50 Casino Bonus
3rd place:$25 Casino Bonus
4th place:$15 Casino Bonus
5th place:$10 Casino Bonus
6th to 50th place:$5 Casino Bonus

Deal or No Deal

Every Monday this month you have opened a special Deal or No Deal Case! You won 20% back of the total amount you deposited on the previous Saturday and Sunday.

Your Casino Bonus Balance will be credited automatically by 12 midnight (EST) on Mondays and you have 48 hours to use the funds!

It sounds like a great deal, right? Mark your calendar and log in every Monday!

Family Feud Quests

Welcome our two families who will battle every Tuesday this month! Pick a family and win! The slot games are Honey Money (the Bee Family) vs Monster Clone (Monster Family) Complete the following missions and win up to $600 CASH after completing all Tuesday quests of the month.

Monster Family Quests:

  • Mission 2 Mission 1: Win 3 consecutive times on Monster Clone and get $5 CASH.
  • Mission 2 Mission 2: Achieve $100 accumulated bets on Monster Clone and get $20 CASH.
  • Mission 3 Mission 3: Achieve $250 accumulated wins on Monster Clone and get $50 CASH.

Bee Family Quests:

  • Mission 2 Mission 1: Spin 10 times on Honey Money and get $5 CASH.
  • Mission 2 Mission 2: Win a prize of $50 or more on Honey Money and get $20 CASH.
  • Mission 3 Mission 3: Achieve $300 accumulated bets on Honey Money and get $50 CASH.

$1,000 Raffle Knight

It’s the middle of the week and our Knights deserve a special treat! Log in and enjoy FREE Spins – no deposit required on Warrior Queens today and then make a deposit for your chance to win a $250 CASH prize with our Raffle night!

How to participate:

Every Wednesday this month we will raffle a $250 CASH prize among all depositors of the day. That’s a total of $1,000 in CASH prizes we’ll give away this month.

Every $1 you deposit this Wednesday will get you (1) Raffle Knight ticket. At the end of the day the King will randomly select one lucky winner.

$250 instant cash that you can withdraw with no wagering requirement! The more you deposit this day, the more chances you have to win! Winners will be announced and credited on Thursday morning.

Price is Right

Knowing what things cost is like being a Detective these days. Join our Friday Price is Right Quest! Find the clues and the right bets with (9) different ways to win!

A total of $250 in CASH prizes each Sunday! That’s $1,000 CASH to win if all missions are completed every Sunday in September!

Slot game:

  • Mission 1 Games Played: Play 5 games and get $5 CASH.
  • Mission 2 Bonus Round Won: 10 bonus rounds and get $10 CASH.
  • Mission 3 Consecutive Games Lost: Lose 10 consecutive times and get $15 CASH.
  • Mission 4 Prize greater than: Win a prize of $50 or more and get $20 CASH.
  • Mission 5 Free Spins Played: Get and play 15 rounds of free spin games and win $20 CASH.
  • Mission 6 Accumulated Bets: Achieve $200 accumulated bets and get $20 CASH.
  • Mission 7 Accumulated Wins: Achieve $300 accumulated wins and get $30 CASH.
  • Mission 8 Accumulated Losses: Achieve $200 accumulated loses and get $30 CASH.
  • Mission 9 Consecutive Games Won: Achieve 10 consecutive wins and get $100 CASH.