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September 2022 is all about Football, Bingo, incredible jackpots and lots of fun at Bingo Billy. Bingo community joins the celebration of a new NFL Season with a series of events included in our BILLY’S FOOTBALL WINS SPECIAL!

Check out all the events:

  • EVENT #1: Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the Day Wins $100.00 CASH!
  • EVENT #2: Weekly Facebook Live Raffle to win from $10.00 to $500.00 ($10.00 is Guaranteed!)
  • EVENT #3: Highest (Accumulated) Score of the Month will share in $1,000.00 in prizes!

Additional Events:

Fantasy Betting: Plays with Real NFL Games every Sunday, Monday and Thursday of September. You have the chance to Double their win during Fantasy Days.


Fantasy Betting plays with Real NFL Games every Sunday, Monday and Thursday of September.

If the team you pick wins, you’ll win as much in CASH/BONUS as they have scored:

Deposit $50.00 (Minimum) by the time the game starts and win CASH instead of bonus!

Deposit (Min $30) during our Fantasy Betting Days + Go to our f Group + Click on “Featured” Tab. Look for the special f Ad + Follow the Instructions to Double Your Win!


Get a 506% AUTOMATIC BONUS on EVERY deposit you make today!

$250$1,265.00 FREE
$150$759.00 FREE
$100$506.00 FREE
$50$253.00 FREE
$30$151.80 FREE

Deposit to activate the tailgate party room!

Deposit today (Minimum $30) and play hard to score big winnings from 8pm to 12am ET. We’re joining the Football Frenzy with the best game settings and jackpots!

Play 4 hours of Crazy Patterns, plus 4 x Jumping Jackpots at the Top of Hour and we’ve included a quick Progressive Jackpot of up to $100.00 that re-starts every time it’s won!

END OF 8PM ET$116.00 to $216.00 Jumping Jackpot Game
END OF 9PM ET$116.00 to $216.00 Jumping Jackpot Game
END OF 10PM ET$116.00 to $216.00 Jumping Jackpot Game
END OF 11PM ET$216.00 to $516.00 Jumping Jackpot Game

Run across the field to score a touchdown and win!

Bingo on B5, B10, B15, I20, I25, I30, N35, N40, N45, G50 for your touchdown!

  • 6th to 10th member: $15.00 CASH
  • 11th to 1000th member: $10.00 CASH

Once you score a touchdown, you can start over and this guarantees you multiple wins!

The CM Referee will keep track of your wins on the participant balls, so you just have to ensure you buy cards and that’s it. Sit back and watch how you run across the field.

You never lose any of the wins on participant balls so you have plenty of time to score a touchdown and collect your win!

If you bingo more than 1 time on the same participant bingo ball before you have scored a touchdown, open a Help Desk Ticket using the option: Tailgate Room $7.00 Claim and get $7.00 bonus credited to your account.

Click on TOUCHDOWN under the Happy Face to access the special page.