Dunk the CM at Bingo Village and win!

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Play in the Prime-Time Chat Game DUNK THE CM from 8pm to 11pm ET to win GREAT Prizes!

Grab your baseball and hit the BULLSEYE… Whenever someone Bingo’s we count down by the last number of the ball called to that nabor.

That nabor picks a number 1-75, the object of the game is to Dunk one of our CMs. They can be anywhere on the call number board: across, down or even diagonally.

If you “DUNK” one of the CMs you will receive the amount of Bonus for that CM.

Consolation prize 2BBS for sticking the CM and Consolation Prize of 1BB for missing the CM.

Example: O75 we count down 5 from the winner if Bingo’d on a number ending in zero we count down 10.

  • Dunk CM VYNNIE and win 15 BBS
  • Dunk CM MAX and win 20 BBS
  • Dunk CM MADDIE and win 25 BBS
  • Dunk CM GEORGIE and win 40 BBS
  • Dunk CM RIVER and win 50 BBS
  • Dunk TAMMY and win 75 BBS

Pie Eating Contest

Get ready to get your face messy and play in the Pie Eating Contest! Be here on Thursdays from 8pm-11pm inside the Cozy Cafe Room to Team up and win some GREAT Prizes!

The Chat Host will divide the room into 2 teams. When a team member bingo’s on an even number they get a point but if they bingo on an odd number the other team gets the point.

The team with the most points will win. Every win is worth 2 BBS. The winning team will split 250 BBS!

You must play at least 2 out of the 3 hours (20 Games) to count as a team member. (Members must have a deposit in past 7 days and be playing the 4 card minimum on each game to earn Bonuses)

County Fair Dog Show

County Fair Dog Show

Join in every Monday for a very special Mission inside the Puppy Party Slots! Each spin on The Puppy Party game can earn you big rewards. Complete 4 tasks in 24 Hours and win a $250 CASH prize every Monday.

  • Mission 2 Mission #1: Play 10 Games to unlock $10 CASH.
  • Mission 2 Mission #2: Play 50 Games to unlock $25 CASH.
  • Mission 3 Mission #3: Win 8 Games in a row to unlock $65 CASH.
  • Mission 4 Mission #4: Win a Prize of $500+ to unlock $150 CASH.
$1,500 Village Parade

$1,500 Village Parade

Join the Parade as everyone has a chance to win! The top 7 players in the ranking will share $500 in CASH each day Friday through Sunday!