Enjoy the $75,000 Oktoberfest Party!

Bingo Billy

Bingo Billy

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75 Ball
75 Ball
Video Poker
Video Poker

Get your Costume on and GRAB the Candy as you want to be here and ENJOY the $75,000 Oktoberfest Party! Watch out for the Ghouls and Goblins while you have FUN all this month in October!

Dracula’s Challenge

Grab your Grill, Utensils, a nice cool drink and enjoy time with the family! Play the slot game Vlad Draculaand claim a $250 CASH prize every Monday if you are lucky and brave enough to face this bloodsucker!

  • Mission 2 Mission 1: Play 10 Games to unlock $10 Cash.
  • Mission 2 Mission 2: Play 50 Games to unlock $25 Cash.
  • Mission 3 Mission 3: Win 8 Games in a row to unlock $65 Cash.
  • Mission 4 Mission 4: Win a Prize of $500+ to unlock $150 Cash.

Howling Dimes

Tuesdays are never dull in the Cozy Café Room! Every Tuesday in October join one of Bingo Villages favorite sessions from 6pm-10pm ET!

Play 4 Hours of the Best Game for Only Dimes!

  • 6pm-7pm ET Play FREE BINGO with $10.00 cash EACH Game!
  • 7pm-8pm ET Play every other game at only .10 cents a card with set prizes of $50.00!
  • 8pm-9pm ET Play every other game at only .10 cents a card with Jumping Jackpots of $25.00–$75.00!
  • 9pm-10pm ET Play 3 Part Games every other game at only .10 cents a card with set prizes!

Everybody is eligible to play in this 4-hour session that should have the Café packed with great conversation and rewards!

Witchy Jackpots

Get your spray bottle out, we have Witches to battle! Play every Wednesday from 8pm-10pm ET in October in our 2 hours of Reverse Coverall games and watch how the prizes grow and grow.

Everybody is eligible to play in this 2-hour session to watch their game grow higher in Reverse!

Fang-Tastic Thursdays

Just when you think your week could not get stranger…try our roller coaster bingo games where every game is $31 and $131 FIXED Games every other game!

Everybody is eligible to play from 7pm-8pm ET every Thursday in October. Play this 1-hour session that will have your heart racing inside the Cozy Café!

$1,000 Haunted House Party

Join the Haunted House Party as everyone has a chance to win! The top 7 players in the ranking will share $500 in prizes each day Friday and Saturday!

Scarily Good Bonuses

Dare to grab this GREAT Deal! ENJOY this Special every Friday in October! Enjoy a very special 231% deposit bonus on ALL your deposits that you make today!

All single deposits of $100 or more get a very special 331% deposit bonus!

$3,000 Costume Party

Break out your best Halloween outfit on Sundays. Tammy will choose the best costumes with special rewards! The top 8 players in the ranking will share $750 in CASH every Sunday!

1st Place:$300 CASH
2nd Place:$200 CASH
3rd Place:$100 CASH
4th Place:$75 BONUS
5th Place:$50 BONUS
6th Place:$30 BONUS
7th Place:$25 BONUS
8th Place:$20 BONUS