Farm Life Slots Tourney this November

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Find out if you have what it takes on a farm this November. Yes, we’re heading down to be with the animals in our Farm Life Slots Tourney.

This thrilling event will take place each week from 12:01AM EST on Wednesday and 11:59PM EST on Thursday for the entire month. As you might expect, there are farm-themed slots for you to play in this bonus.

So, to be eligible for some top prizes, make sure you’re playing one of the farm slots listed right here. Excitingly, there is a weekly prize pool up for grabs too.

The top 20 players will get to split a total prize pool of $1,300.00. However, if you reach that top spot, you’re going to get a whopping $600.00 in cash to enjoy. The other winners will get their prizes in the form of a Universal Bonus.

You must remember to opt in if you want to take part in this exciting event, and you do need to keep spinning. That’s because the positions on the leaderboard are based on the best-equalized spin across three consecutive rounds.

So, make sure that you’re ready to spin and get those wins under your belt. So, bring on November and see if the farm life is the one for you!

1st Place$600.00Cash
2nd Place$250.00Universal Bonus
3rd Place$125.00Universal Bonus
4th Place$75.00Universal Bonus
5th Place$50.00Universal Bonus
6th – 10th Place$25.00Universal Bonus
11th – 20th Place$10.00Universal Bonus

City Bingo Tourney every week

  • A weekly Bingo Tournament consisted of Top of the Hour and Mid-hour games and a prize pool of $3,500.00 rewarded to the top 40 players with a top prize of $1,500.00 in cash.
  • The event takes place every week between Monday 12:01AM EST and Tuesday 11:59PM EST during the month of November.
  • Join us in the Urban Bingo Room and play the Top of the Hour and Mid-hour Games with a card cost of $0.50 and an offer of Buy 7 cards get 3 free. Pre-order now!

This November, we’re changing things up a bit, adding in a new skin and creating the Urban Bingo Room. So, to celebrate this exciting new theme, we’re going to be holding a City Bingo Tourney.

Throughout November, this tourney will take place every week between 12:01AM EST on Monday to 11:59PM EST on Tuesday.

It’s going to play as the Top of the Hour game as well as the Mid-hour game. Excitingly, the games for this tourney are Starting $50.00 Speedie games. And, you don’t have to wait for this tourney to actually kick off.

You can grab your cards now for just $0.50 each. But we’re also going to give you an additional helping hand. If you buy 7 cards, we’re going to give you three more cards completely for free. The top 40 players all get a piece of the prize pie.

And, this prize pool is $3,500.00, which is available every single week! If you come top of the pile, then you win a cool $1,500.00 in cash. Additionally, the runners-up all get their prizes in Free Play Bingo Bonuses. So, join the city rush and see if you can make it work for you!

1st Place$1,500.00Cash
2nd Place$750.00Free Play Bingo Bonus
3rd Place$375.00Free Play Bingo Bonus
4th Place$150.00Free Play Bingo Bonus
5th Place$75.00Free Play Bingo Bonus
6th – 10th Place$50.00Free Play Bingo Bonus
11th – 20th Place$25.00Free Play Bingo Bonus
21th – 30th Place$10.00Free Play Bingo Bonus
31th – 40th Place$5.00Free Play Bingo Bonus