Win $10,000 in the $20,000 Big Bingo Event

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On Saturday, February 26 EST, our $20,000 Big Bingo Event is ready to hit.

On that Saturday, just head on down to the Tourney Room for 6:00PM EST and get ready for some fabulous fun, and even more fabulous prizes just waiting to be won.

Better yet, you get to enjoy mingling with the other players.

This exciting event is made up of an initial 10 warm-up games. Each of these is a $1,000 Guaranteed game that will play as the Top of the Hour game, but also as the mid-hour special.

Cards for these warm-ups are priced at just $2.00 each so grab yours now.

However, the main event will kick off at 11:00PM EST. and this is where the big bucks are to be won. This is the $10,000 Guaranteed game at $5.00per card.

main event will kick off at 11:00PM EST

You can only buy 120 cards for the entirety of this event though, so stock up wisely before playing.

Additionally, we have got an exciting promo offer available to help you out. All you need to do is buy 3 cards, and you’re going to get 2 cards free.

Better still, this promo is for all the games available. Yes, that’s right, even for the $10,000 game as well.

So, if you want to join in the fun, just make sure you join our site. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of time to sign up.

Head on over to the sign-up page and create your account with us today. Get ready for an exciting new year with our impressive $20,000 Big Bingo Event.

Play and win every Monday in February!

It’s time to give Mondays some love, and that’s what we’re doing this February. Each Monday this month it’s our Love Mondays event where Bingo Spirit celebrates Mondays in the Valentine’s Bingo Room for 4 straight hours. Yes, that is 4 hours of bingo from 7:00PM EST to 11:00PM EST .

This event has several different games in play too. There are $14.00 Starting games with cards of just $.15 each and with a Buy One Get One Free offer too.

Next, there’s a $14,000 Coverall game with a minimum of $140.00 with a card cost of $.50 each.

This game also has a promotion attached — just buy 3 cards, and we’re going to give you two more completely for free.

This event will take place at the Top of the Hour as well as being the mid-hour special, so stock up on those cards for plenty of bingo fun.

On February 14th, aka Valentine’s Day, we’re going to be offering something a little different. Instead, there will be $50.00 games at $.50 per card. These also come with a Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer in place.

Finally, we will have a massive $28,000 Coverall min $280.00 game at $1.25 per card. Again, we’ve got an offer on so grab three, and we’re throwing in two extras.

So, get ready for the love this month as we give you the chance to score some epic wins in our bingo games.