Win $10,000 in the $20,000 Epic Bingo Party

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Once a month, we’re going to run our $20,000 Epic Bingo Party. This takes place on the last Saturday of each month and offers you the chance to win some epic prizes. And have fun, of course!

Join us in the Tourney Room from 6:00PM EDT where our warm-up games include $1,000 Guaranteed Games — and there are ten of them. These play as Top of the Hour and as the mid-hour specials.

You can grab your cards at $2.00 each for these games. Then, it’s time for the main event! Taking place at 11:00PM EDT, it’s our huge $10,000 Guaranteed game. Cards for this game all cost $5.00 each.

  • A one-night Bingo event with a prize pool of $20,000. Event consists of 10 warm-up $1,000 guaranteed games and a main guaranteed game with a $10,000 cash prize.
  • Event will take place in our Tourney Bingo Room on the last Saturday of each month at 6:00PM EDT with 10 warm-up games and the main event will be at 11:00PM EDT.
  • The cards for the warm-up games can be bought for $2.00 each and the cards for the main event will be priced at $5.00 each a promo for ALL cards of Buy 3 and get 2 Free with cap set at 120 cards per player.

Get ready to celebrate the fantastic this September with the Dragon Battle Slot Tourney

Get ready to celebrate the fantastic this September as we launch our Dragon Battle Slot Tourney. This thrilling dragon-themed event will run every week from Wednesday to Thursday.

And yes, it’s all about fantasy creatures. Better still, there’s a weekly prize pool of $1,400 up for grabs. This is divided between the top 20 players in the tournament.

Runner-up prizes are all awarded as a Universal Bonus. But, if you come top, then you will get $400 in cash. So, how can you get to that top position? It’s really easy.

All you need to do is play one of the 19 dragon-themed slots listed right here. Then, you need to keep spinning as winners are determined based on the best-equalized spin over three consecutive rounds.

One spin won’t be enough here. To join the fiery fun, just make sure you opt-in; otherwise, you’ll miss out!

  • A weekly Slots Tournament with a prize pool of $1,400 rewarded to the top 20 players with a top prize of $400 in cash.
  • The event takes place every week between Wednesday 12:01AM EDT and Thursday 11:59PM EDT during the month of September.
  • You must have funded in the previous 7 days, need to select Opt-in using the button below and play one of the 19 dragon-themed slots listed.
1st Place$400.00Cash
2nd Place$250.00Universal Bonus
3rd Place$150.00Universal Bonus
4th Place$100.00Universal Bonus
5th Place$75.00Universal Bonus
6th – 10th Place$50.00Universal Bonus
11th – 15th Place$25.00Universal Bonus
16th – 20th Place$10.00Universal Bonus

We’re going to be offering you the chance to claim free spins in our Free Spins Party

Throughout September, we’re going to be offering you the chance to claim free spins. However, the amount of free spins awarded does depend on your player funds and how much you deposit.

The event, Free Spins Party, will run every Sunday and Monday every week. There are four different deposit tiers in place, so make sure your first deposit of the day fits in one tier to be eligible for the free spins.

Also, there’s a minimum deposit of $30 to qualify. But, depending on your deposit, you can claim up to 200 free spins. In each tier, the number of free spins differs and is available for a different slot game.

Take a look at the varied free spins options here and make your first daily deposit now to claim those free spins. So, get ready for some impressive free spins fun as we head into fall!