3 Factors in Online Bingo’s Huge Popularity in 2023

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In less than a decade, bingo has gone from being the pasttime of little old ladies to the mainstream with hundreds of online bingo sites available.

The age of bingo players has gone down to where the majority of players are younger than 45 so so much for the grandmotherly image. Prizes have gone from the low end of the scale to the recent Mecca Bingo record-breaking jackpot of over 1.2 million pounds.

It’s no longer just a woman’s game, either. More and more men are taking up the game these days and sites are starting to realize that with marketing geared towards males.

A lot has changed for bingo!

  1. Social Interaction – That is one factor that has made the transition from land based bingo hall to the online environment, alive and thriving. With online live chat facilities and even virtual rooms with avatars, online bingo players can make new friends or catch up with old in the bingo rooms just as many did for years in the bingo halls.
  2. Huge Selection of Games – With the advent of software advances, online bingo games come in a lot more variety than they did at one time. 75 ball, 80 ball and 90 ball are three of the most popular forms of online bingo and even within those three categories, there is an almost infinite variety of ways to play. With the latest bingo technologies, the patterns available are seemingly endless. With the large networks forming, new progressive games have been possible which lead to some of the fantastic jackpots we keep hearing about.
  3. Convenience – Gone are the days where you have to get all dressed, do your makeup, carry your bingo supplies or drive to the bingo hall an hour early so you can get a good seat. You don’t have to breathe in second hand smoke or listen to the old lady hacking at the end of the table. You don’t even have to leave the house! Simply fire up the computer and sign in to your favorite online bingo site and you’re playing in minutes.

The really great thing is that advances are being made in computing and technology every day. That means that you can expect to see more ways for interactivity with the games and with the other players.

You can also expect to keep seeing new games and new jackpots being developed. The convenience even keeps growing with the new technologies being developed like the mobile applications that let you play online bingo wherever you are.

This is just the beginning for online bingo – watch what happens in the next ten years!