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Queen Bee Bingo is home to the sweetest gaming experience, with no wagering requirements and daily reward programme, it’s a home to a more than 300+ slots, plenty of 75 ball and 90 ball rooms.

Queen Bee Bingo isn’t looking to be like every bingo site out there. Sure, the realistic bingo hall experience and great software match up with anyone, but it’s the unparalleled customer service and friends you’ll make for life via the chat rooms that really sets them apart.

Queen Bee Bingo is confident you’ll be more than willing to stick around once you see all they have to offer. Make your first deposit and they will match it.

Variety is the name of the game with over 100 different patterns in the rotation and free room is a big hit!

Queen Bee also have Coveralls every day and chat games with the best CMs in the business! Players love the thrill that comes with additional games of slots, video poker, and keno and pull tabs.

There are also live progressive jackpots. There is excitement for everyone whether it’s your first time playing or you’re a 10-year veteran.

Queen Bee Bingo Promotions

Get all the fun, friends and hot cash a girl could ever want! At Queen Bee Bingo you’ll find fantastic promotions, great chat games.

Play the greatest online bingo game available today! Join the leading online bingo site and claim a bonus to play bingo online in more bingo halls than you have even come across.

Your rewards keep getting better the more you play. Reload Bonuses can go up to 50% as you gain Loyalty Points, Chat Bingo Bonuses and Extra Bonuses.

The monthly promotions at Queen Bee Bingo are designed to keep you on your toes. You’ll love to see what they concoct each month like the Catch the Cow event that offered $50 daily and $100 weekly prizes to those completing the most sets.

Queen Bee Bingo is a very fun website, they show you a list on the front page of the current winners, which is nice because it lets you know how the jackpots are going.

Plus you have testimonials from members and a community site that you can go onto and talk to friends for a bit or change recipes if you so want to.

The graphics you will find are great! They of course offer 75 and 90 ball games of bingo. They have a game schedule that you can look at and set up where and when you want to play, to keep yourself at the games that have the largest jackpots, or the themes you feel will be entertaining to you.

They also offer those instant win scratch games. Plus slot games are available to you too, with progressive jackpots. Keno games are offered along with arcade games and video poker too.

Queen Bee Bingo Bonuses

If you’re looking for promotions then you will find them on Queen Bee Bingo. With a deposit Queen Bee Bingo will match your amount up to 700%. After the first deposit they will match you up to 50% match.

They have a complimentary comp program for member, and it’s a way to earn money by playing every day.

Queen Bee Bingo has what is called their October special they will give you bingo bonus each day. They have way too many specials going on to list every single one, just get there and check them out.

Queen Bee Bingo offers customer service 24/7 live support for their members, so you should never have a problem that can’t be fixed.

Queen Bee Bingo is one of the better websites that have been looked at, it may not have a higher percentage deposit match then every other site, but it’s good.

There are so many promotions that go on every day and every month that it will give you a great shot at winning some cool money.

And the progressive jackpots on slots give you a great chance at hitting a bunch of money.

So if you want a site that will keep you having fun for hours or even days check out the Queen Bee Bingo site and get to win some money!