Win a piece of the €/$2,575 Prize pool during Festive Bingo Tourney!

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Get ready to jingle & Bingo your way through our 7-day Festive Bingo Tourney playing exclusively in the Christmas Bingo Room all December long! Starting every Monday at 12:01am EST and running through Sunday at 11:59pm EST, you can’t help but immerse yourself in the excitement and compete to become the Festive Bingo Tourney champion.

How does it work? It’s simple! The player who wins the most Bingo games over the week is declared the winner and will walk away with a €/$1,000 Cash Prize!

And speaking of rewards, we are not only paying our 1st place winner in Cash, but our 2nd and 3rd place winners will also grab up remarkable Cash prizes as well! But wait, there’s more! We’re awarding prizes to the 30th place, ensuring more players relish their success!

Here’s a glimpse of what awaits the champions.

1st Place$/€1,000Cash
2nd Place$/€500Cash
3rd Place$/€250Cash
4th Place$/€150Bingo Bonus
5th Place$/€75Bingo Bonus
6th – 10th Place$/€50Bingo Bonus
11th – 15th Place$/€30Bingo Bonus
16th – 20th Place$/€20Bingo Bonus
21st – 30th Place$/€10Bingo Bonus

And because Dauber is feeling generous this Christmas season, we’re thrilled to announce that this will be a weekly event, ensuring continuous chances to emerge victorious and claim fantastic prizes!

We’ll crown the weekly winners every Monday and shower them with incredible rewards. Brace yourself for non-stop action as the tournament encompasses “all” Bingo games in the Christmas Bingo Room, giving you ample opportunities to showcase your skills and claim that top spot!

Let the jingle bells ring and the Bingo balls roll, and may your daubers be lucky! See you in the Christmas Bingo Room for a festive gaming experience like never before!

Win $/€100 Cash Prize collecting decorations for Dauber

This December, we’re bringing you an extra-special collection promotion that can make your holiday celebrations even more delightful: Dauber’s Christmas Tree! Join the festive fun as you collect enchanting Christmas decorations to adorn Dauber’s Tree and claim an exciting $/€100 Cash prize!

Here’s how it works: Throughout the week (Monday to Sunday), you’ll have the chance to collect six charming items for Dauber’s Christmas Tree – a Star, Lights, Garland, Present, Bauble, and Candy Canes. How? Simply by winning selected games within our joyous Christmas Bingo Room!

Join Cyber Bingo for thrilling $/€5,000 (min $/€25) coverall games, priced at just $0.35 per card. These merry games will be played at the top and mid-hour intervals throughout the day, giving you plenty of opportunities to score wins and collect those delightful decorations.

Now for the exciting part: If you collect all six items within the week, you’ll unwrap a sparkling $100 Cash prize! It’s our way of spreading cheer and rewarding your dedication to decking out Dauber’s Tree in style. Imagine the joy of collecting these festive items, winning exciting Bingo games, and being on your way to claim that fantastic Cash Prize!

It’s the perfect way to infuse your holidays with fun and rewards! Don’t miss out on this enchanting opportunity to gather decorations for Dauber’s Christmas Tree and win BIG! Join us, and let’s make this December a magical and rewarding celebration!

Dauber’s Holiday Gifts

Ready to sprinkle some extra holiday magic into your Bingo games? Join us every Tuesday and Thursday for a chance to unwrap an extra $/€25 Cash prize! Dauber is feeling pretty generous this holiday season! Every Tuesday and Thursday in the thrilling Pack & Line Bingo Room, you can grab an extra $/€25 in Cash when you Bingo on a game and uncover the unique Christmas Element – Dauber’s Holiday Gift! Tis the season to Win Bingo! Fa-la-la-la-la La-la-la-la!

Join us between 9am and 1pm EST and once again from 7pm to 11pm EST every Tuesday and Thursday and keep your eyes peeled as Dauber’s Holiday Gift Image will appear on random Bingo games. Enjoy the thrill of winning, but remember that each player can claim the extra $/€25 once each Tuesday and once each Thursday.

Don’t miss your chance to add a dash of Christmas cheer to your Tuesdays and Thursdays! Join us in the Pack & Line Bingo Room and let the holiday fun begin!

Universal Bonus is here to bring you more Bingo and Slots Fun!

Enjoy Dauber’s Special Bonus all month long which does not restrict you to Bingo Bonus only or Casino Bonus only, but lets you play and enjoy both Bingo AND our Huge selection of Slots, allowing you to mix up your fun and choose the games you prefer. It’s your chance to enjoy ALL your favorite games in a single deposit!

What’s more is you can claim all 3 of Dauber’s Special Bonuses once every Friday between 12:01am EST to 11:59pm EST. So enjoy a few games of Bingo with your roomies as you spin your way to victory!

And if you’re currently a VIP member, receive up to 50% additional Bonus based on your VIP tier just for being a VIP!

Win a Sparkling Prize of $/€500 in Cash

Add a little Sparkle to your Mid-week online Bingo fun in the Diamond Bingo Room every week in November and you could be a winner in our Sparkling Bingo Tourney. This exciting Bingo tournament is filled with dazzling Cash prizes up to $/€500 and the more games that you win, the higher you will rank on the tournament leader board. With prizes for the top 20 players every week, there’s a whole lot of Bling, Sparkle, and Cash up for grabs in our Sparkling Bingo Tourney!

Our exclusive Sparkling Bingo Tourney plays weekly from 6pm EST on Tuesday until 11:59pm EST on Thursday in the Diamond Bingo Room. Every time that you win one of our Diamond Bingo games, you’ll receive a point towards that week’s Sparkling Bingo Tourney.

There are already hundreds of reasons to play Bingo online at Cyber Bingo! But with Cash Prizes for the Top Three Winners and Bingo Bonus prizes for our remaining 17 winners, and we’ve just given you 20 more good reasons to join us for the Sparkling Bingo Tourney.