Would you like to get started with online bingo?

Well, you have come to the right place. Online bingo is a fairly new phenomenon. Generally speaking, the phenomenon of online bingo did not come into existence until a few years ago.

In other words, we are currently witnessing a whole new trend. We already have a large amount of experience with online.

This is your guarantee for the best possible guidance, when it comes to online bingo.

Playing online bingo in cosy settings

The objective is to create cosy and safe settings for you to play online bingo in.

The settings are safe, because our demands to the game providers are quite strict, as far as quality/service is concerned.

This is to ensure that, when playing bingo, you will be directed to nothing but the best, most reliable bingo rooms on the net.

What are the differences between offline and online bingo?

Although online bingo is, basically, the same as ordinary offline bingo, there are some differences, which should be taken into consideration, before switching from offline to online bingo.

Below, we have tried to outline some of the most essential differences:

  • Credibility of the game provider
  • Bingo bonuses
  • Online bingo software
  • Online bingo chat

Online bingo Credibility of the game provider

It goes without saying, that the credibility of any given game provider is the most essential factor of all. When selecting/reviewing a bingo room, credibility is the first factor taken into account.

Furthermore, we have our own contact within each individual bingo room that we have listed. This is part of the standard safety procedure. We also use this contact when negotiating new, favourable bonuses for our users, and/or when setting up competitions of some sort or another.

Very briefly put: You are perfectly safe when using the online bingo rooms listed here, as well as when registering as a user.

Advantages to internet bingo

As you may know, internet bingo is a lovely pastime, not least because it contains a strong social element.  

Some people may claim that there is no way in which a game such as online bingo, which is based entirely upon luck, can help develop a person´s mental skills. Some scientists have a different opinion on this matter, though.

After having tested the mental capacity of bingo players, scientists at the institute of psychology at the University Of Southampton concluded that bingo helps your brain stay sharp, because you have to remember the numbers that are being called out.

In comparison with people who did not play bingo, bingo players showed far better results, measured upon their mental swiftness, their memory skills and their ability to perceive information.

Furthermore, something seems to indicate that playing bingo has help reduce the memory loss often experienced by elderly people.

So even though most online bingo rooms have a function where the computer automatically ticks off the numbers on your bingo card, you may want to consider not using this function, if you want to give your brain a bit of exercise.  

Advantages and drawbacks

Apart from the fact that you have the chance of winning, or losing, large sums of money, the mental/social advantages of playing, for example, online bingo, are quite considerable.

However, one very important question remains: Do these benefits really make up for the very serious risk of becoming a pathological gambler?

At the moment, we do not know of any scientific research on the matter. Thus, we can only conclude that nothing in this world is entirely black or white, and that the matter must be seen from more than one perspective. 

There is a huge number of games available on the net

Today, online games are certainly not targeted only towards children. In fact, we believe that youngsters are only a minor target group, in the eyes of the game developing companies. The amount of games available on the net is so huge that anyone is able to find a game that suits him/her.

Just think of the thousands and thousands of free games that are now available to online gaming fans.

On one side, we have the traditional computer games, such as strategy game, role-playing games, action games and simulator games (cars planes, boats), or games where you have to create our own universe (The Sims, and other games like it).

On the other side, there is gambling, which includes games such as poker, scratch games, various casino gamesand bingo.

In the male dominated game of poker, you will find a large number of professional players, and competition tends to be merciless.

Bingo games 

Bingo, on the other hand, is a cosy pastime. Here, most players are women between the ages of 18-50.

Often, entertaining elements, such as chat games or quiz games, will take place during the the game. Competitions where you can win cool prizes, like travels or makeup, are part of the game. Besides, positive chat correspondence with fellow players is always very important.

One thing that the two types of games have in common is the therapeutic effect.

It may sound odd, but you can actually improve your management skills by playing one of those games in which many players work together, in order to accomplish a mission (World Of Warcraft is an example of such a game). Playing bingo has proved to be a good way of enhancing your ability to concentrate, recognise patterns, as well as to maintaining/strengthening your memory.