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Blighty Bingo has perhaps one of the most comprehensive websites in the market. Browsing through the Blighty Bingo homepage, you can easily see that it practically offers everything to members and potential members.

From the step by step guide on how to become a member of Blighty Bingo to a page about the history of Bingo (something you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere).

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The navigation, of course, will be a breezy, although some may say that the other links and pages merely serve as a padding for the website.

No one will need a comprehensive page on bingo in an online bingo website, after all.

Some of the promotions, too, are quite hard to find; you will really need to scrounge through the website to find some information you will need.

Blighty Bingo Review

Blighty Bingo has both 75 and 90 ball bingo games, as well as a unique Mega bingo game where members use decks of cards instead of card bingo.

This game is something better played than explained, for obvious reasons. However, specific rooms are not available all day long.

For instance, the American bingo room can only be accessed during certain times of the day. Also, most of the games do not have enough variations to keep it from becoming to stale and too boring.

Of course, Blighty Bingo also has slots and mini casino games as well. Still, for many, what Blighty Bingo offers will be enough entertain them.

This well-known bingo game provider offers download, so this basically means you can’t play the game through a web browser.

Still, the game interface is powerful enough to offer a very solid bingo experience.

Blighty Bingo Bonuses

And speaking of solid, Blighty Bingo has solid promotions that are quite solid enough to appeal to all kinds of bingo players.

Besides their deposit bonus for first timers, they also have guaranteed prize pot games, Bingo games with high jackpot prizes.

Besides this, they also have an outstanding cash pot of more than 10,000 pounds reserved for players who get a black out under 34 balls.

When you join Blighty Bingo they will give you up to 700% first deposit bonus and as a regular player you receive an ongoing deposit bonus.

Blighty Bingo chat room is one of the best you’ll see at an online bingo site.

Blighty Bingo offers different online bingo promotions. This 90 ball bingo game carries a guaranteed prize of £1500 in all.

There is also a fat guaranteed jackpot on offer and lots of bingo promotions every month.

Blighty Bingo Promotions

From the website, you can access the live chat of Blighty Bingo for a convenient and easy way getting help for any of your bingo problems.

With a website like Blighty Bingo, you would be surprised that it isn’t. In fact, Blighty Bingo is perhaps one of the best of its kind. But what makes it so special?

Is it an innovator in the industry? Does it add anything new to the already saturated market? Does it provide the most sufficient and reliable service out there?

Surprisingly, Blighty Bingo is great because of its simplicity. When you look at its website, it would not seem like it is simple-not at all.

The name of the website already suggests that it would be like one of those websites with the frilly designs and animations and colorful layout.

What is refreshing with Blighty Bingo, however, is that it only offers what you need. True, it has the usual welcome bonuses and sign up bonuses, variants of games, loyalty points package, and other similar things, but it does not go overboard.

It does not overwhelm anyone with a senseless barrage of packages that, quite frankly, no one needs anyone. There are no daily horoscopes or ability to create profiles-just exciting and entertaining bingo games.