30 Ball Bingo

Bingo players who love fast games will love 30-ball bingo. It is sometimes called Speed Bingo because the games are so fast. It is a coverall game with a 3×3 grid.

For those of you who are new to the world of Bingo talk, coverall means exactly that: cover all the numbers on your card.

How to Play

In 30-Ball Bingo there are only 9 numbers to cover and only 30 numbers to be called so someone covers their card pretty quickly. In fact, 30-ball bingo was specifically designed for players who are on the go and want a fast game.

Bingo players were once considered a traditional lot and regular, or 75-ball Bingo, dominated the Bingo world. But the variations are rapidly gaining a foothold among Bingo fans. 30-ball bingo was developed only a few years ago and has taken off in popularity.

One of the characteristics of Bingo players is that they like to play as many cards as they can control. The daubers make marking numbers fast and easy. Along comes 30-ball bingo and even the slowest dauber can control more cards.

The more cards players buy, the higher the payouts to winners are. Also, the games are faster so there is time for more games. And because you only have to cover 9 numbers to win, players also have better chances to win Progressive Jackpots.


We have heard from many Bingo players who once were skeptical of the new-fangled Bingo variations. So many of those who have tried 30-ball bingo absolutely love it! We think that you will love it too.