52-5 Ball Bingo

Online bingo enthusiast will be happy to hear that most Dragonfish powered bingo sites now offer a new type of game called 52-5 bingo. It’s worth noting that the game has been designed to give bingo players something different to enjoy from their bingo playing experience.

Description of 52-5 Bingo

Based on the game’s name, it’s nearly impossible to decipher what it’s all about. In fact, 52-5 bingo is not played with conventional bingo balls. Instead, a standard 52-card deck of traditional playing cards is used.

Gone are the numbered bingo balls that correspond to the letters and numbers on a bingo card. The game caller only flips random playing cards, creating a new way for random results to be determined.

How the Game is played

As is the case with other forms of bingo, the player starts the process by purchasing their playing cards. In 52-5 bingo, the playing cards are actually called hands, just like a “hand” of poker. The purchase price of each hand is predetermined with the player being allowed to purchase up to as many as five hands per game.

Once the game has been closed, the automated software starts flipping random playing cards. As the player encounters a playing card that matches a spot on their hand, they mark it as usual.

The player’s objective is to be the first to cover all five cards showing on the same hand. Doing so is referred to as getting a “full house.” Once a full house has been marked, the player or players to hit the bingo will split the designated cash prize.

How Cash Prizes are Determined

In some cases, the online bingo site might post a 52-5 bingo game with a predetermined or guaranteed prize fund. Instead of that, the cash prizes are usually determined by the amount of money collected on the sale of hands for the game with the house taking its usual cut and the remaining portion being distributed to the winner(s).

A progressive jackpot may be added on top as well, triggered only when a player achieves “bingo” in less than a certain amount of calls.

Other Information

Many an online bingo player has had the experience of missing a call or two. It puts them at a significant disadvantage if they aren’t playing a bingo game with automatic scoring. But as we have got used to at the many

Dragonfish powered bingo sites, among others, the online version of 52-5 bingo comes with a tracker. If the player misses a call or two, they just refer to the game history, and they will be caught up in no time.

Currently, mainly the Dragonfish (888 group) bingo sites are promoting 52-5 bingo. As the game gains in popularity, it’s very likely that other operators and Gaming studios will consider adding it to their portfolio, with existing 30-, 50-, 75-, 80- and 90-ball variants.


52-5 Bingo is a new type of bingo that’s played with a 52-card deck and up to 5 hands, which must be fully covered to achieve “bingo”.