Club 3000 Bingo Old Trafford

Club 3000 Bingo at Old Trafford is an exciting and vibrant bingo hall that offers a fun and lively atmosphere for players of all ages. Located in Manchester, this bingo hall is conveniently situated right next to the iconic Old Trafford football stadium, making it the perfect location for a night out with friends or family.

Upon entering Club 3000 Bingo, you are immediately greeted by the friendly and welcoming staff who are always on hand to assist with any queries or help you get settled in for a night of bingo fun. The interior of the hall is spacious and well-lit, with comfortable seating and large screens displaying the numbers as they are called out. The hall is also equipped with state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment, ensuring that players can easily keep track of the game and enjoy a seamless bingo experience.

The atmosphere at Club 3000 Bingo is electric, with players chatting and laughing as they eagerly await the next number to be called. The hall is always buzzing with excitement, and it’s clear that everyone is there to have a good time and hopefully win some prizes along the way. The staff are professional and efficient, ensuring that the games run smoothly and that players have everything they need to enjoy their time at the hall.

In terms of the games on offer, Club 3000 Bingo at Old Trafford has a wide variety of bingo games to suit all preferences. From traditional 90-ball bingo to more modern variations like Speed Bingo and Cashpot, there is something for everyone at this bingo hall. The prices for the games are very reasonable, with tickets starting from as little as £1, making it accessible for players of all budgets.

In addition to the bingo games, Club 3000 Bingo also offers a range of electronic slot machines and fruit machines for players to enjoy between bingo sessions. These games provide a nice break from the bingo action and allow players to try their luck at winning some extra cash or prizes. The hall also serves a selection of snacks and drinks, so players can refuel and refresh themselves without having to leave the premises.

Overall, Club 3000 Bingo at Old Trafford is a fantastic place to spend an evening with friends or family. The atmosphere is lively and welcoming, the staff are friendly and efficient, and the games on offer are both entertaining and affordable. Whether you are a seasoned bingo pro or a newcomer to the game, this bingo hall has something for everyone and is sure to provide a fun and memorable experience for all who visit. We highly recommend checking out Club 3000 Bingo at Old Trafford for a night of bingo fun!

Opening Times

Sun to Fri: 12pm to 11pm
Sat: 11:30am – 11pm