Solo/Switch Bingo Sites

Solo/Switch are debit cards, not credit cards. It may sound the most elementary thing to say, but you’d be surprised how many people confuse themselves with this very simple premise. As they are not credit cards, you cannot overspend on them.

What you can do with Solo and Switch is deposit funds into your online bingo account, more specifically your UK online bingo account.

The reason that we are referring to a UK online bingo site and not any other is as simple a premise to grasp as that fact that Solo and Switch are debit cards.

Most online bingo sites in the United Kingdom will accept Solo and Switch, most other countries online gambling sites, will not. The reason for this, is that they are both UK issued debit cards.

A lot of people may get panicky when entering in their card information into online bingo sites, and in certain cases rightly so, as there has been a lot of identity fraud and other issues surrounding online card details over the years.

But that should not stop a gamer from playing at their favorite online bingo site, because nowadays most online bingo sites have security protection enough to withstand most attempts to steal your information.

So what is the benefit of using Solo or Switch to fund your online bingo account?

Well aside from the aforementioned ability to only spend what you have on the card, you also generally receive your deposit to your account instantaneously and often without charge.

Using a credit card to make the same transaction will normally charge you a rate for doing so, although oddly enough making the transaction to fund your online bingo account via a debit card, costs you nothing. Most of the time.

Most of the United Kingdom’s major online bingo sites accept both of these cards as possible deposit methods.

The only big online bingo site that doesn’t seem to wish to play ball with your Solo or Switch card is Tombola Bingo.

Not a terrible amount of people actually have these cards, even in the United Kingdom.

Those that do should most certainly at least consider using their Solo or Switch card when thinking about online transactions on their favorite bingo site.

If for nothing more than that added bit of security or no deposit charge, Solo and Switch are certainly better than Visa and Master Card.