Rival Bingo Sites

Rival Gaming is a leader with interactive slot machine gaming software, Graphically rich, player-friendly Internet casino software that’s fully downloadable and works great with Windows or Mac OS.

Rival Gaming delivers dynamic, visually rich casino games that has all the classics including: Slot Machines, Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Video Poker, Keno and many more.

Rival Gaming also provides an easy to use lobby features that make the gaming experience simple, enjoyable and exciting for all players.

The new Interactive Slots are beyond anybody’s imagination. Slot lovers like myself, the Rival Gaming product that is the most thrilling is the i-Slot (Interactive Slot), it has an exhilarating version of the video slot machine games that come with a highly entertaining interactive extras.

Rival Gaming i-Slots are multi-reel, multiline video slots enhanced with thrilling extras, created to make slot machine games more interactive, i-Slot (Interactive Slots) offer players a chance to bet, play and win, while entertaining us with an unfolding story.

At the start of every i-Slot game, you are shown an animated video clip that introduces you to a unique world with its own atmosphere and characters.

As you move ahead, completing more levels, you are rewarded with more entertaining clips as well as new features and fun interactive mini-games and bonus rounds.

i-Slots combine the pleasure of classic slots with an entertainment experience that’s part film and part video slot machine game.

And best of all there gaming software can be easily updated with new episodes and new games, i-Slots offer an experience that’s different and exciting every time you play the game.