The Basics of Online Bingo and Facts You Need to Know

Want to try your luck in playing online bingo? Surely, you already know how to play bingo. With the information that you can find below, though, now you can always head straight to your computer and try out hundreds of available online sites with more confidence and ease:

Check Your Age
If you have been itching to win bingo prizes but you couldn’t play because you are underage, don’t try playing online either.

Online bingo sites still require the players to be at least 18 or 21 years old. They are very strict about the age as it will be a ground for the termination of their permits to operate.

Even if you circumvent the system by trying out a fake identity, you still won’t be able to cash out your winnings. There might be ways that you can play for fun, but it is still important that you wait until you are of legal age.

Personal Data is Important
Somewhat related to your age is the need to be honest about the details you provide.

Bingo halls simply ask for an ID, and then you can pay for your cards. Online bingo needs more details, and you have to give real ones. Some sites may even ask for account information such as credit card numbers.

While this might cause some to think twice about playing, this will assure online operators that you have the capability to support your gaming. Those that still have doubts can always check online bingo sites first to find out how they intend to protect your personal information.

You’ll Get a Cash Bonus Just for Signing Up
All those reminders about the need for personal information are actually rewarded by online bingo sites by providing bonuses right after you have registered. The bonuses can run as high as $200.

Bonuses are also given if you can successfully invite a friend to register and play on the same site. There are also bonuses for every deposit you would make. There is a catch, of course, for all of these, but they are there to discourage players who are only after the free money.

Usually, players have to meet the wagering requirement before they can withdraw their winnings. This means they have to bet the all the bonuses and deposits they have accumulated for a certain number of times.

You Can Now Multitask
Gone are the days when you have to pay attention to every number being drawn and go for the mind-numbing number hunt if you had multiple cards.

Most online bingo software automate the process of marking numbers off the cards, so all you have to do is sign in. They would even rearrange the cards to tell you which of them are closer to the win.

This means you can watch TV or run some errands while the game goes on. You also have the option to play side games, which will also net you additional cash.

You’ll Be Playing for Serious Money
Aside from stand-alone games, online sites offer progressive bingo. Here, the jackpot becomes bigger because the prizes roll to the next game if there is no winner.

There is a network of online bingo sites that multiply the jackpot significantly. You may wonder why there is no winner in a game. Progressive bingo has a limited number of numbers that get drawn. The result of this minor change in rules is prizes that can reach up to millions.