Are you looking for a perfect bingo bonus?

Enjoying a friendly game of online bingo is easier than you may think. As a matter of fact, follow these simple steps:

Play bingo on the net

  • Read about online bingo.
  • Familiarize yourself with bingo strategy, in order to win as much as possible.
  • Check out the special offers, bingo bonuses and campaigns at the various bingo sites.
  • Register atthe best bingo site on the net (your choice).

That´s just about it! You are now ready to have fun with your fellow players over the popular bingo chat, and, hopefully, bring home some prizes!

In case you are wondering how to find your way through the four points listed above, help is near, since our website provides lots of information on these matters.

Only the best bingo rooms 

We recommend and review the best bingo sites on the net, in order for you to find out where you can enjoy a nice game of bingo.

These bingo sites have been selected on criteria such as user-friendliness, appearance, selection of games, prizes, bonuses, etc. Of course, the security provided by all of these bingo rooms is top notch.

Online bingo gives you the unique opportunity of receiving attractive welcoming bonuses, when you sign up at a `new´ bingo room.

In other words, whenever you enter a new bingo room, you are paid at the door. This is, of course, worth keeping in mind, when you choose one bingo room over another.

However, it also goes without saying that the size of a welcome bonus should not be the only determining factor. Quality, reliability and general service level should be considered even more important. When playing online bingo, you have a unique opportunity of receiving welcome bonuses, when you sign up as a player with one game provider or another.

Top quality bingo rooms

Here you will find bingo rooms of nothing but the highest quality.

When you select a bingo room from our website, you are, therefore, able to weigh the bonus factor a bit higher than if you were to just pick a bingo room from, say, a Google search.

In other words you will never be ripped off by any of the bingo rooms listed here.

Two types of free bingo games 

Basically, there are two different types of free online bingo. We also provide you with an easily understandable, clearly structured manual, so that you will know where to find the kind of game that you would like to play.

Keep in mind that most bingo rooms offer you the chance of playing the latter mentioned type of bingo (free bingo bonus), whereas only a small number of bingo rooms let you play `for fun´ (`Play money´).

Playing bingo for fun

As previously mentioned, there are a small number of places where it is possible to play bingo “for fun”. That is to say, no real money is involved in the game. This basically means that neither the player, nor the bingo room, can win/lose money.

Reliability and credibility

When we select a bingo room, its credibility is, of course, the first thing that we have in mind. We now have around three years of experience with online games. As a result, we do not have to start from scratch, when we check out a bingo room.

This means that, in many cases, we are already aware which places have previously caused problems, which places are especially well-reputed etc.

Seriousness and service level

Seriousness and general service level are two things that must, necessarily, be connected.

If a site is serious about what it is doing, it will also provide the best possible service. This is because they want to, and because they realize the necessity of living up to the requests/demands of their customers (in this case, bingo players).

They will also be aware that this is necessary in order to make it in the gaming market, where competition is increasing rapidly.

When judging whether or not a certain enterprise is serious, we take several criteria into consideration:  

  • Its promotions programme
  • Its support
  • The people that we get in touch with when we contact a bingo room, or when a bingo room contacts us (this happens quite frequently)