Internet Bingo Games

Attracting both young and old, internet Bingo is one of the most popular online games around. Why? Well, mainly because the game itself is very simple and easy to understand, the bingo rules are not complicated and there is very little skill involved.

How to Play Internet Bingo Games

To play the game of Bingo all you have to do is to purchase Bingo cards this can be as few as 1 or as many as 100 cards per game. Then, all a player need do is to watch as the numbers generated by a computer are called.

It’s so simple because with internet Bingo the numbers called are then usually automatically marked on a players’ Bingo cards. This is useful as it prevents players from making mistakes. Before a Bingo game begins, players are told of the winning pattern to be followed on their cards and the first player whose card has all the numbers called, in that pattern, is the winner.

It can happen that more than one player completes the pattern, in which case the prize money is shared.

The Cost to Play Internet Bingo Games

Internet Bingo games’ players can play either, free Bingo games and there are many to choose from, or play for real money and be rewarded with real cash prizes.

Bingo cards in the real money Bingo world, generally range from 2 cents to 50 cents per card and the more cards players buy and play with, the more chance they have of winning.

And if you’re wondering if winning is easy or difficult, here’s a statistic that will make experienced players and new players sit up and take notice 96% of all internet Bingo games players have won at some point while playing!

That’s a pretty good number! And with an estimated 14 billion internet Bingo games players worldwide – of whom just over 4 billion are under the age of 30 – you’re in good company.

Free Internet Bingo

You may not know this, but you can play internet bingo for free on may game sites! Playing for free is a fantastic way for you to check out several sites and it is also a great way to find a little entertainment that won’t hurt your budget at all.

Our website is devoted to listing out websites where you will find free bingo games. We check out all the offers out there and bring you the results of our searches – you don’t have to go surfing around looking for the right places to play bingo because we do all the legwork for you.

We also bring you listings of bingo sites that have bonus prizes on offer as well as those with monthly cash prizes. Checking with us before you play is always a very smart way to go. Check out our #internet bingo# information as well for more on how the online game works.

Playing Internet Bingo

Playing internet bingo is a great way to engage in the old game. Everything old is new again and the internet brings out the best in this traditional game. Camaraderie, fun and a chance to win real money mean that the new version of the game still embodies the best of the old game.

You will find the chat rooms fun and friendly as you play online bingo. Making friends who enjoy the same games as you do is very easy.

Remember that internet bingo sites provide friendly virtual bingo halls that have lots to offer besides a game. There are often free tournaments on the go, bonus offers, free games and daily prizes.

Find an Internet Bingo Site

When you do a simple web search for free internet bingo, you will be bombarded with listings. There are a lot of claims made by a lot of providers. Some say they are always free and that they don’t require your credit card. You may want to be a little wary of such claims and check things out before you get involved.

The very best way to avoid the hassle of this kind of a search is to simply take advantage of our listing service. This way you don’t have to do the surfing and investigating all by yourself. We have already checked out the sites so that we can bring you a listing of the best and what they have to offer you. Our site is updated regularly and we won’t bring you any dodgy links.

Internet Bingo Credits

Some free internet bingo games offer free Bingo credits to their members and, at a certain time each day, the Bingo players with the highest scores are awarded cash prizes.

Normally, unused credits and scores cannot be carried forward from a previous day which means everyone has the same chance to win free online Bingo prizes each day. There are also no limitations on how many times you play or how much you can win!

You don’t have to do anything except your usual play to be eligible for such credits – the sites keep track of all the data on their own automatically. Often such bonus credits have restrictions on them so you will want to check out what those are for each site you use. Often bonus credits have to be used up in play within a certain time frame.

Sign Up for Internet Free Bingo

Before you sign up to play free internet Bingo make sure you are aware of the general rules of play and how the game of Bingo works. The game is sometimes played quickly and it’s as well to be prepared and browse our useful Online Bingo Guide.

So, enjoy your time playing free online Bingo. Here’s hoping you win stacks of free cash prizes!

Internet Bingo Strategy

If you’re going to play online bingo and play to win, then it’s as well to learn as much as you can about how the game works.

How Internet Bingo works

Bingo cards are printed with twenty-four different numbers and in the centre is a free spot or space. Most cards are either paper sheets that are easily disposed of or a harder and longer-wearing permanent type.

During the game, a special marker, known as a Bingo blotter, is used to strike off matching numbers on your card. These permanent cards have tiny windows that slide easily over each number as they are called and these windows or “shutters” are re-used at the end of a game.

The disposable paper cards have new numbers for each new game whilst the permanent cards have the same. It will cost you a little more but you can play with more than one card at a time and many players do this to try and increase their odds of winning.

Patterns in Internet Bingo

Each column on a Bingo card begins with one of the letters that spell the word BINGO and these letters are used as a means to group and identify the numbers in the columns below. Bingo games are very often played in different patterns diagonally, vertically, horizontally or by using the four corners of the Bingo card or even the shape of a letter, such as an E or an H or a T.

Of course there is also the more standard variation where all the numbers on the card (known as a coverall pattern) must be marked for a win. At the start of every game, the particular Bingo pattern is announced.

Computerised Internet Bingo

A computer is used to randomly select the numbers called with, usually, seventy-five balls – each printed with a one-letter and number combination – enclosed in an air-blown ball cage or clear glass or plastic bubble.

When a ball is singled out, it is called and then placed in a separate tray so as to make sure it’s not called again in the same game. Balls are selected and called until one of the players has completed the particular pattern announced and shouted out Bingo!

Quickly, a checker will confirm the player’s card pattern and ensure that he has matched this with the actual numbers called. If it’s a match, then the player is a winner and may collect the prize money on offer.

Winners in Internet Bingo

It can happen that there are multiple winners and in this case, after the checker has verified each player’s card, the prize money is shared equally between the winners.