Online Bingo Exclusive Bonuses to Celebrate National Poetry Day

The online bingo Bonus in Box is ready to explode bingo bonus sprees worth of £500. Pull out your share by spinning the fun the reels of the slot game, George and the Dragon. Dip in to give the spins from 11 th till 17 th October. When you simply stake £5 in the games, automatically you get closer to share the bingo bonus prize from £500. Spin and win!

Premiere Shows: In Pressies room – Every bingo win on Saturday and Sunday in the Pressies room will delight you with the additional pressies of £10. The highest bingo wins from 11AM to 2PM and 3PM to 6PM will get into the Bingo Tourney Winners list with £5 each bingo bonus.

In Monty’s Mates: You got to keep your Fridays also free along with Saturdays and Sundays to be in Monty’s Mates for the Premier show of bingo tournaments. No more mourning for not winning on the bad bingo days at XBingo, as Monty’s Mates players will rejoice even their losses. Every loss in bingo from Friday to Sunday will help you get an entry in the winner list of extra bonuses . Player’s with the total loss from £10 to £49 will win up to £5 BBz, over £49 to £99 gets up to £10 BBz and over £99 loss, gets up to £15 BBz.

These Premier shows have got limited seats up to 100 players and then chosen tourney winners from both the rooms will get a special VIP pass for the Final Show to win up to £250 bingo bonus during the whole tournament. No extra tickets charged for our Premier shows as all the depositing players of the month gets this special treat from XBingo.

Now XBingo tourney winners definitely deserve exclusive show and that is arranged in our VIP rooms on 28 th October night.

Final Show: In X Lounge : The top selected winners from the Premiere shows in the Pressies and Monty’s Mates bingo room will enjoy the Final Show in the VIP room on 28th October from 08.00 PM – 09:00 PM. All the invitees will get an exclusive show of bingo games for full 1 hour in the happy company of buddies.

National Poetry Day: Rhyme your bingo sessions with some great verses to celebrate National Poetry Day from 9 th till 15 th October. Play it all and there is free £5 bingo bonus for each depositing player to take away. If you are the one who loves to write it all so must make sure to hang on with the wins and send across your testimonial to share your Golden Bingo fun along with us. Also do not forget to attach one of your lovely pictures along with it. Time to have bingo fun and sweet memories to sing!

Penny Bingo: Turn your cute little pence into the big magical pounds!!! Yes it is all possible with the penny bingo fun crammed in the Golden Villa room that remains open for complete 24 hours. Well then make sure to empty your piggy banks for the penny bingo days marked on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. From 11AM till 12PM you have loads of penny fun to dip in at a very low cost. Be in there to win those big £’s just for a penny.

BOGOF: We know that you love to bingo and that is the reason we have a perfect new bingo boost for you to enjoy. The BOGOF pots add the incredible dual fun to your game play with the extra bingo card with the purchase of one bingo card. We also have a combination of the BOGOF games for you to play. In the BOGOF offer you can purchase one bingo card and enjoy the other bingo card absolutely free. The other one is the B1G2F where in you can enjoy 2 free bingo cards at the cost of one. Well then do not miss out your chance to bingo the BOGOF pots at XBingo. Enjoy the extras!!!

25 % Redeposit Bonus Everyday: 25% redeposit bonus everyday! This is on top of 100% Welcome Bonus and £1 Free Sign Up Bonus.