Santa’s $13,000 Guaranteed Big Bingo Event at Cyber Bingo

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This year Christmas is coming late with a special bingo bonanza up for grabs. Ensure your Christmas is one to remember by bagging yourself one of four guaranteed huge cash prizes in our festive giveaway. Santa’s $13,000 Guaranteed Big Bingo Event has a guaranteed $13,000 in cash prizes up for grabs!

Our Santa’s $13,000 Guaranteed event will play out from 7:00PM EST on Saturday, December 28 EST in the Tourney Bingo Room, which will be host to a series of four special top of the hour games taking place throughout the evening. Each of these bingo games carries a guaranteed cash prize, with bingo cards available from as little as $2.00 apiece.

The special event gets underway at 7:00PM EST on Saturday, December 28 EST. The first warm-up game carries a $1,000 prize, with bingo cards selling at $2.00 each. Two more similar games, both also with a $1,000 prize, will follow as the Top of the Hour Games at 8:00PM EST and 9:00PM EST. Then, at 10:00PM EST, it’s time for the biggest bingo game of the month with the $10,000 Guaranteed Game.

Cards for this special big money prize will cost you $5.00 apiece. All games in this special event will play on the Coverall pattern. Pre order your cards now for your chance to walk away with Santa’s $13,000 of prizes and guarantee a Christmas to remember.

Xmas Eve Coverall Event – Festive Coverall fun on Xmas Eve

If you’re interested in getting your bingo game flowing in the run up to Christmas, then the Xmas-Eve $24,000 Coverall Event is the one for you. After all, what better way to ease (or potentially race) your way into Christmas Day than with a pretty big win playing your favorite bingo games.

Why not give yourself a very merry Christmas and join in on the Xmas Eve Bingo event right here at Cyber Bingo! But remember, don’t miss out, this event is ONLY being played from 2:00PM EST on Christmas Eve in the Christmas Bingo room, join up later than that and you will have missed your chance, so be prepared and don’t let that happen to you.

These special $2,400 coverall minimum $244 games will play as Top of the Hour games with the first game playing at 2:00PM EST and the last game playing at 11:00PM EST so be prepared to get logged in and make the most of this exciting Christmas opportunity.

The game is a $2,400 coverall with a minimum of $244 and cards are only $1.00 per card. However, we are offering a bonus here with a buy 3 get 2 free offer so that we can help you to get ahead and hopefully win.

This Christmas keep your bingo dreams alive by joining in the Xmas Eve Coverall Event. As the games then unfold, we wish you good luck in aiming for the complete coverall in order to score top of the one hour group and scoop that top prize to see your Christmas become a really great one!

Christmas Bingo Tourney – Fill the Holidays with Festive Bingo Fun

Add some Christmas fun to your bingo every single day from the beginning of the month right through to Christmas day itself in our exciting Christmas Bingo Tourney. What’s even more exciting is that you’ll be playing for $1,000 of prizes every day with a massive $25,000 to be won over the tourney period.

All sorts of exciting Christmas characters will be present in the Christmas Bingo room throughout the bingo tourney thanks to the huge range of different Christmas-themed bingo patterns that you’ll have to play through.

The tournament will play from December 1st till midnight on December 25th with daily prizes for the top 30 players who win the most times on our special Christmas Bingo Tourney patterns in the Christmas Bingo room. The top player each day will nab a $500 cash prize, while the others will scoop prizes in free play.

If you’re interested in joining in, our Christmas Bingo tourney games will play once an hour in the Christmas Bingo room for each of the 25 days of the tournament. Cards to join the tourney will cost just $0.50.

For each of the cards that you win with, you will earn yourself a single tourney point which is then added to your total so that we at Cyber Bingo can see who it is that’s winning that day and award the top $500 prize accordingly. To make it even better, we have a special tournament promo where you can buy 6 cards and get 3 more for free! It’s really the best way to improve your winning chances.

Deck the halls with 12 Days of Bingo

This year, Christmas may truly be the most wonderful time of the year with our 12 Days of Christmas bingo games. For four hours of every day during the festive period we’re offering up a wide range of special Christmas themed bingo games for you to enjoy.

That means plenty of opportunities to make this Christmas especially memorable with fabulous cash pots and special offers available.

Beginning on Christmas Day (December 25th), our 12 Days of Christmas special will run all the way up to January 5th. Every game you participate in during the festive period, within the specified timeslots in the Christmas Bingo room, comes with a starting pot of $12. Cards are available for $0.50 and with a special offer of buy three cards and get two more for free!.

You will be able to participate for two hours in the morning, from 7:00AM EST to 9:00AM EST, and for two hours in the evening, from 6:00PM EST to 8:00PM EST. The special Christmas-themed bingo patterns available include Gingerbread Man, Mistletoe and Eggnog through to Reindeer, Santa Hat and Snowman and much more. So, make sure you join in the Christmas Bingo fun to guarantee a special festive gift.