Enjoy Free Bingo Games at Wink Bingo

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If you’re looking for a stress free place to hang out, have some fun and put your bingo skills to the test then you want to head over to Wink Bingo. This is the perfect place for beginner and pros alike.

It’s a place to brush up on your skills, master a new trick or two and even a safe space for those who are still learning. And with the selection of free games on offer there something for everyone to cut their teeth on.

All games can be found in the Wink Bingo lounge and these include a selection of both free and paid games. There’s the not to be missed, Frolikin’ Free.

This free games plays from 10am until midnight daily so there are plenty of chances to take part. The great thing about this particular game is that you get 6 free bingo cards for each 90 ball game.

And the prizes are nothing to be sniffed at. For a match on the first line there’s 25p. There’s 50p for any matches on the second line and an £1 for those who are lucky enough to get a full house. Not bad for a game that costs nothing to participate in.

But if that doesn’t quite tickle your fancy, there are many other free games to try out. Players should head over to the £25 Daily Highlight where there is a daily jackpot of £25 to be won. And the best thing is that tickets for this game are free.

You can look forward to 6 free tickets for the game. It’s a 90 ball game with a £5 prize for the matches on the first line; £7.50 for matches on the second line and an impressive £12.50 for those who are lucky enough to get a full house.

There are also a host of paid bingo games and there are not to be overlooked. There’s the Talk is Cheap room with an array of games which range from 1p to 4p. The great thing about this particular bingo room is that it’s open 24 hours a day. This incredible selection of 75 ball games can be enjoyed daily so be sure not to miss out.

Wink Bingo will soon be adding a new bingo room with even more games to the already impressive offering. This room, to be called Penny Pleasures, will feature a selection of penny bingo games. Tickets for these games will range from 1p to 4p ensuring every player will find the perfect game to suit their pocket.

If you’re looking for some bingo fun without the risk of having to put down money, then you should head for the Wink Bingo lounge.

There’s something for everyone and the best part is that you can play as many free bingo games as you like. And once you’ve had enough, you can give the paid games a try.