Have fun this March with Springtime Bingo Tourney!

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Cyber Bingo’s Springtime Bingo Tourney is here to make everything a little bit brighter. The top 30 players will get rewarded in this tourney. The winner will receive a whopping $1,800 cash prize all runners-up will receive a Free Play Bingo Bonus. in our multi-part guaranteed games.

Games will all be Multi-part Guaranteed games $30.00 / $30.00 / $30.00. Starting on a small pattern, then a nature-themed pattern and finishing on a coverall, there’s plenty to get stuck into.

The event kicks off each week from 12:00AM EST Fridays through to 11:59PM EST on Saturday in our Seasonal Bingo Room. Excitingly, all games are Top of the Hour and will play every hour.

Cards are just $.35 each for this Tourney. Additionally, we’re giving you the chance to boost your odds of winning through our promo. Just Buy 7 cards, and you get 3 for Free!

1st Place$1,800.00Cash
2nd Place$900.00Free Play Bonus
3rd Place$450.00Free Play Bonus
4th Place$225.00Free Play Bonus
5th Place$120.00Free Play Bonus
6th – 10th Place$60.00Free Play Bonus
11th – 20th Place$30.00Free Play Bonus
21th – 30th Place$15.00Free Play Bonus

Play and win every Tuesday in March!

It’s International Women’s Day this month. So, to mark this special occasion, we’re running our Female Empowerment Bingo event in the Seasonal Bingo Room. Excitingly, this is going to be 8 hours of non-stop bingo fun, every single week this month.

There are big prizes to be won here, as we’re going to be doing Starting $60.00 games as well as High/Low $150.00 / $75.00 games and Guaranteed $100.00 games too. Better yet, all these prizes double when you play these games on International Women’s Day itself!

This event will take place every Tuesday this month and run from 2:00PM EST for 8 hours each time. When it lands on Tuesday, March 8th, which is International Women’s Day, all the prizes will double for even bigger wins.

To join, just buy your cards. Depending on the bingo games you choose cards will have a different cost. Starting games are $.35 each, High/Low games at $.75 each, and Guaranteed games cost $.50 each. Better yet, we’re offering an exciting promotion on cards too. Order 9 cards, and we will give you 3 more for free!

Win $10,000 in our $20,000 Epic Bingo Party

This month we will have our $20,000 Big Bingo Event. This tournament is all about getting you some guaranteed big wins across a range of different bingo games. Are you ready to join in all the fun?

Depending on which games you play, there are different prizes up for grabs. We’ve got 10 warm-up games each a $1,000 Guaranteed game. On top of that, we’ve got our big one, the $10,000 Guaranteed game at the end of the night.

Held in the Tourney Room on Saturday, March 26th. The event kicks off at 6:00PM EST with 10 warm-up games and will run for five hours during the evening. The main event will be at 11:00PM EST.

The cards for the warm-up games can be bought for $2.00 each and the cards for the main event will be priced at $5.00 each but, excitingly, we also have a promo in place for ALL cards where you can Buy 3 and get 2 Free. However, there is a cap on the number of cards you can buy for this event. This is set at 120 cards per player.