Why is Bingo Popular in the United Kingdom?

It’s a fact: bingo is extremely popular in the United Kingdom. More than three million people play bingo – weekly! And this is just in the United Kingdom alone; we’re not even including the players of bingo in Japan and America, where bingo is popular as well. In fact, for the first six months of 2009, bingo experienced an 80 percent increase in new players. Considering how the general standing of the global economy is, this is a pretty impressive number.

Still, many are actually surprised that UK bingo is as popular as it is in the United Kingdom. After all, bingo is not exactly the hippest game around. Poker and blackjack can give bingo a run for its money in these aspects. Poker and blackjack have movies that centered on how the game is played; bingo does have a movie in America, but it’s not yet released nationwide. So why exactly is bingo popular in the United Kingdom? And can we actually see this popular to be sustained?

One reason for the popularity is the fact that bingo was never seen as a lesser card game in the country. Celebrities play bingo in the UK, a major factor why the game is quite popular. Another factor that can be considered here is the fact that there are more bingo halls in the United Kingdom than in America. This means that the traditional way of playing bingo in the country has yet faded into obscurity, which is more than what the Americans can say about their bingo.

And speaking of Americans, many say that one reason why bingo is more popular in the United Kingdom is because their 90-ball bingo is easier to learn than the 75-ball bingo. In the 90-ball bingo, a player has to mark down rows on the card. In 75-ball bingo, there are more patterns involved, which means it could be more complicated than your usual 90-ball bingo game. Bingo, in general, is an easy game to play. This is exactly the reason why children play bingo and why it is considered as a basic gambling card game. But not everyone is adept in such games, yet many of these gambling–inept people still want to try bingo. Perhaps this is why there are more bingo players in the United Kingdom; their bingo is much more enticing than its American counterpart.

Nonetheless, bingo is popular everywhere. And thanks to the popularity of online bingo, millions of people around the world can enjoy the pleasure that one can derive from playing this classic card game. It’s not easily surprisingly why bingo and online bingo are popular in the United Kingdom—and the rest of the world. It has a simple game play yet it is extremely rewarding; its simplicity does not affect its entertainment level one bit. People in the United Kingdom love bingo for a good reason; try it out and you will why. You will know what you have been missing out on.