Is Online Bingo a Woman’s World

The past descriptions of a bingo player bordered on a stereotypical: an old person in his or her twilight years, enjoying a simple game of tagging numbers.

The excitement that person gets from playing the game is unmatched; moreover, everyone always has an equal chance of winning a prize. However, recent surveys have shown that there is a transformation on not just with how the game is played, but who the players are.

The advanced capabilities of our browsers and the increase of available bandwidth have enabled the propagation of online bingo all over the Internet. Because of the limitations of bingo halls, there are more people who play bingo online today.

Furthermore, the players are not who you would expect; instead of old people, you have young ones, and 4 out of 5 players are women. That’s 80 percent of the entire online bingo community.

Additional Demographics

The data above clearly means that women are dominating online bingo today. It has also been found out the players are getting younger too; more than half are below 46 years old. Even among new players, 48 percent are aged within 18 to 34 years old.

This has driven the average age range down to 18 to 40. To sum it up, an increasing number of young people are playing online bingo than ever before.

What Caused the Change?

Clearly, the Internet was a driving force in the transformation of bingo player profile. Bingo has always been a simple yet exciting game. Online bingo was able to exude the same simplicity and thrill to many users and then some.

Asked what the most major feature is in online bingo, a lot of players would immediately say automated play. Autoplay allows players to set parameters to the software, and then they simply leave the game to play on its own.

This means they can now multitask such as wash dishes or watch their favorite show while enjoying a game of online bingo.

Online bingo has also successfully maintained a level of fairness associated with the game.

Women was able to trust that the random number generator is authentic, making them believe the drawn numbers are controlled by chance only and are never manipulated.

The increase in women and the general number of players were also due to the existence of free online casinos, and those casinos that provide cash bonuses just for signing up.

More women also have a higher preference to the bingo compared to other games like craps or poker, all of which already have their own online counterparts.

What Does This New Data Mean?

Since the majority of players are women, you will notice a marketing strategy that will be focused mainly on femininity and female interests. Promos and bingo bonuses will be designed to attract women, and there will be a major redesign of both websites and online bingo software to match their taste.

Is There Still Room for Male Players?

Of course, the games are open to everyone regardless of gender. However, it has been found out that it is the male players that prefer something else, such as online Texas Hold ’Em poker or online slots. Whether female or male, you do get an equal chance of winning anyway.