Is Online Bingo Really Gambling

Is bingo gambling? And, furthermore, is online bingo gambling? These are very common questions asked regarding bingo and online bingo.

Many say that bingo (and online bingo) is not gambling because it is nothing like poker or other more popular card games, wherein you can bet any amount. Also, the fact that one buys a bingo card doesn’t make the game gambling, they say.

The fact that children and other younger people play the game in a wholesome way makes it seem as if it is not really gambling at all, others add.

Others, meanwhile, say it is considered as a form of gambling because money is involved in the transaction. So what is it, really? Is bingo and online bingo gambling?

First, let’s look at the definition of gambling.
Any activity where one wagers a specific or unspecified amount of money in order to win something of bigger value, may it be cash or other items.

Within the framework of this definition, anything done within a casino (poker, online slots no matter how big the money is involved, can be considered as gambling.

Anything done online wherein one bets money with the possibility of winning more than the waged amount can be considered as gambling (online poker, online gin rummy). Therefore, with this definition in mind, online bingo is definitely gambling.

After all, you buy a ticket not simply just to play a game, but also to win an amount bigger than the bingo ticket’s price. This is also similar to the sweepstakes and lottery, at least in concept.

The fact that it is not like any other popular gambling game does not make it any less of gambling. You buy a ticket, you win big money – that’s the simple template of gambling.

However, why do many people feel as if bingo isn’t exactly a form of gambling? There are many reasons, obviously. For one, bingo is not exactly the type of game you can imagine inside a casino, or any other similar establishments.

And casino is often considered as the concept of what gambling. Casinos represent gambling without bingo, and casino represent what gambling is. This is perhaps the reason why a bingo player, to many, isn’t exactly a gambler.

The amount involved can also be a factor.
During the times when the traditional bingo halls are still around, the prize you can get from winning bingo is hardly significant. And because you only need a few dollars to play bingo, it wasn’t considered as gambling.

On the other hand, you can lose thousands, even millions, in a night in the likes of Las Vegas.

How can you consider bingo gambling if it cannot compare to what you can lose in casinos? Also, since bingo is often played without any types (sometimes, it is even lacked to make it education), many cannot reconcile with the fact that online is gambling.

Online bingo is different from the online card games out there. But give it a try and you’ll see how amazing this game is, online or offline.