30 Ball Bingo. The Newest Member of the Bingo Family

For the longest time, the 75 ball bingo and the 90 ball bingo have been the more popular types of bingo being played both offline and offline. The 75 ball bingo is the one usually played in the United States while the 90 ball bingo is more popular in the United Kingdom.

In any case, while both games play different, one thing remain the same: it usually takes some time before a winning card can be called, even with the bingo games that requires the simplest formations.

For instance, in the 75 ball bingo, even if the game needs a four corners combination, the chances of calling the four winning numbers can still take some time, considering that, at most, one will have to call a total of 75 numbers.

Imagine how it takes to play the 90 ball bingo

For one, the 90 ball bingo allow for multiple winners, so winning the game could take a while.

Of course, these bingo games are always enjoyable and exciting. However, there are times when you simply want to play a quick game.

Quick, simple games are often as exciting as the long ones, and it offers a different kind of game play. Luckily, there is now an alternative available for players who want to take this alternative: the 30 ball bingo.

As the name of the game already implies, the 30 ball bingo only involves 30 balls or numbers. This means that at most, in one game, a total of 30 numbers can be called, although the chances of that happening is very rare, unless there are only a handful of players in the game.

In any case, 30 ball bingo games only take a few minutes since, at the very least, only nine numbers are required to be called to win a game.

In order to win a game of 30 ball bingo, one card has to be blacked out. This may seem hard, but it isn’t, since one card only contains nine numbers in a 3 x 3 card.

There are no other variants or formations asked for in a 30 ball bingo game, mainly because of the very small card or the very minimal numbers involved in the game. Also, it is probably because the game is fairly new.

Unlike the 90 and the 75 ball bingo games which have been around for several years, the 30 ball bingo game has only been around for around three to five or so years.

With the game being relatively new, the game is basically just at its initial phases, and it could be expected that it would evolve in a couple of years.

In any case, the 30 ball bingo does not offer that big of a prize pot, although it is certainly increasing in recent years, thanks to the numerous players who have been loyally playing the game due to its fast paced game play. The 30 ball bingo, in other words, in bingo made even more exciting and even simpler.