Bingo Odds and Possibilities

One does not need to be a mathematical genius to figure out the probability of winning in a bingo game. There are no special formulas or complex strategies to follow.

Yet there are simple ways on how to increase one’s winning possibilities in this game of chance.

The Numbers Game

It would be safe to say that sometimes it’s all about the numbers–not the numbers printed in the bingo cards but the number of players one is playing with. Obviously, the probability of winning is higher if one is playing with fewer players.

Also if there are more players, there is a chance that two or more people will achieve the same pattern at the same time. This means that the prize may be divided among the lucky winners.

Another aspect to take note of is the number of cards played. Take, for example, John and Peter. John has 3 bingo cards with him, and Peter, on the other hand, has 10.

Using simple rules of probability, we all know that Peter has 7% more chances of winning that day than John since he has more cards with him.

One should take note, though, that Peter may have increased his chances of winning, but since his buy-in cost is greater, this means higher losses for him. The more cards played, the greater the chances of shouting “Bingo!”

So before one heads to the bingo venue in town, it would be much better to check how many people are dropping by. This may not be that accurate, but at least one has an idea on how many cards he’ll buy once he or she enters the venue.

The Complexity of the Patterns

The likelihood of winning is greater with bingo games that only require simple patterns to achieve. This means shouting “Bingo” early in the game and more winnings for the people involved.

Complex patterns means less call-outs within the game, and some players may get tired and carelessly forget to take note of the numbers drawn.
Lucky Balls!

Some players think that there are these certain numbers that are bingo favorites. No, there isn’t. Applying again the laws of probability, this numbers have equal chances to be drawn.

One should take note, though, that these balls have the same weight, the random number generator is of good quality, and all 75 or 90 balls are played.

No more, no less. So it is advised that a bingo player must check the credibility of the bingo venue and organizer before one hops in and starts having fun. It’s the same thing if you decide to play online.

If you notice that a certain number is often drawn than the others, it is probably mere coincidence.

One should remember that it’s all about the experience itself that makes playing the game enjoyable. It’s not the number of winnings but the experience of exhilaration especially when one is almost on the verge of achieving that winning pattern.

For some, it may be serious stuff, but the fun comes from just sitting there, savoring the food and drinks and the company of friends.