Is Online Bingo Really Gambling

Seriously, is online bingo a type of gambling? Besides, why would it matter? You see, there are already several countries—United States, for one—that are closing their doors on Internet gambling for two reasons.

First, they want to make sure that they can properly keep track of the money that goes in and out of the country. Some players could already be embezzling money for malicious intentions (yes, think of terrorism).

Second, they believe that online gambling would be detrimental to the values of children. Even if most of the websites have age restrictions, they really do not have stringent means to confirm their ages.

This then brings us to another thought: if online bingo will be considered as a form of gambling, there is a possibility that it would also be banned by nations.

For us to know if it is gambling or not, we have to be able to define gambling first. There are two known elements that make up gambling. First, there is a wager or a bet.

This means that before the game has begun, you have given a certain amount to the caller, host, or the administrator of the game. Another is the odds involved.

Gambling is referred to as a game of chance, which means you really do not have full control over the results of the game. Even with techniques, there is no assurance that you can bag the prize.

Based on these two elements, you can conclude that online bingo is a type of gambling activity. For one, you have to make a deposit before you can actually play the game.

You will use the money to buy the cards and be part of the bingo sessions. Moreover, before you can obtain the bonus, you have to meet the wagering requirements.

You may have to play bingo games a specific number of times with your bonus and deposit before you can make a withdrawal or claim your bonuses.

Of course, there is the element of chance. There are not a lot of strategies that you can use in playing bingo games because, in the end, you are at the mercy of the numbers that come up on your screen.

These figures are randomly generated by a technology called RNG. This software could not be operated by anyone else, except by an independent auditing firm.

Let us not forget that there are online gaming commissions that monitor the activities of online bingo websites. This is to ensure that they remain to be up to standard and would implement fair gaming to all their players.

If they are not gambling websites, then they should not be regulated by any agency but instead allowed to operate on their own sets of rules.

There are just two reasons that would probably prevent countries from banning online bingo websites completely. First, they can be used to organize fund-raising events for several charitable organizations.

Second, they really do not involve a lot of money, skill, and competition, unlike poker, baccarat, or blackjack.