How Does the Smoking Ban Affect the Popularity of Traditional Bingo and Online Bingo

Online bingo, you may not notice instantly, is among the more popular online card games in the world. It does not offer the sophistication of poker or rummy, for one, but the game has its charms, making its transition from traditional to online games so much easier.

Many thought that online bingo will not be a significant threat to traditional bingo halls because they believe bingo players are not technologically adept, mainly due to the fact that most bingo players belong to the more mature population.

However, this presumption has been disproved. Online bingo has become big on the Internet—perhaps even bigger pre-online card games, since bingo has now touched base with a different market.

In any case, many say that one of the reasons why online bingo has become popular all of a sudden is because of the smoking ban in several countries.

Many countries are affected by the smoking; countries where, coincidentally, bingo is popular. Such locations include the whole of the United Kingdom.

Although the provisions of the smoking ban wary, it usually prevents people to smoke inside enclosed public areas and establishments such as restaurants, bars, and other similar places.

In some countries, many establishments claim that their business was frequented by fewer customers due to the law. Some say this is also what happened to bingo halls.

Unfortunately, many people find smoking relaxing, especially during activities such as bingo playing. Smoking, although undeniably hazardous, provide certain benefits.

Besides its calming effect for many, others get much needed heat from cigarette smoking during the winter.

Also, since bingo players in such enclosed halls are not allowed to converse with other players during the game, they would rather smoke and play.

Smoking is a hard habit to break, so many cigarette smoking bingo players feel that they are being forced to choose between bingo and smoking.

Of course, they can always go outside of the hall to smoke, but that doesn’t exactly satisfy everyone.

This wouldn’t have been a problem if there were no alternatives available. But there is: online bingo.

Those who could not stop them themselves from smoking during bingo games can now do both with online bingo websites. Since they are playing right in the comforts of their own home, they are not covered by the hall.

There are a few alternatives people can choose to curtail the law; the use of electronic cigarettes is among these measures. But for many, nothing can beat smoking real cigarettes.

But to claim that online bingo became popular because of this law is discounting the charm of the game. True, the smoking ban probably has a little effect on bingo halls, but its effects are not limited to bingo halls.

Not every bingo player is a smoker anyway. Online bingo is convenient, practical, and more flexibility. It offers more variety in its games and rules.

The fact that online bingo allows people to play the game while smoking (provided they play in their own homes) is just an added bonus to the already numerous benefits of online bingo.