No Deposit Bingo Bonus: What’s the Catch?

Today, you will find that many online casinos offer a no deposit bonus as a come-on in their banner ads and in the front page of their site.

Essentially, it is a way of allowing a new player access to winning real money jackpots without having to make any deposits first. Imagine being given money just to play in casinos and win even more money.

Expert players typically shy away from these promotions, but inexperienced online players will definitely take a second look if they see a casino that gives a no deposit bonus.

If you want to try online bingo and casinos, it is best to examine what’s in it for you.

Why Companies Give No Deposit Bonus

One thing is definite: Online gaming companies do not just give away money in an instant.

All promos will always be considered too good to be true since there are hidden facts about them that may spoil the player’s experience.

In its essence, a no deposit bonus is an ingenious marketing strategy employed by online operators to gain reputation among its rivals.

They are willing to lose a certain amount of money knowing that they can definitely gain more in the end. This is not sinister at all; in fact, if you are a new player, you may end up thanking them for the opportunity to play.

Attracting More Players

An online gaming website offering no deposit bonuses is a way for them to attract players to provide their real personal information. Sometimes this would even include account details.

This basically makes sense to both players and the casino. If a player creates a fictional account and starts to win big, he or she will be unable to withdraw his or her winnings.

Players need not worry about how their personal information will be used. Most likely, it will only be utilized internally by the manager to find ways of improving the system.

Creating a Contact List

At the same time, the database of contacts can be used for other marketing campaigns by the website. Players who have joined using a no deposit bonus offering are also more likely to become regular players.

Hence, they will direct their marketing efforts to this group. Oftentimes players who have been offered a no deposit bonus will be eligible for deposit bonuses as well.

It is also not unusual for players who have used their entire no deposit bonus to make the first deposit bonus, since they will be players who have been hooked to the games offered by the casino.

What Is the Final Catch?

Take note that it is also not easy for players to withdraw their winnings from bets taken from their bonuses, whether it’s from a no deposit or first deposit. They are subjected to what casinos call a wagering requirement.

This means that they have to place bets amounting to the total bonuses and deposits multiplied by a factor decided by the casino.

This is one way of making sure that the players continue to patronize the said casino and that no money will be lost when offering bonuses.

In the end, a no deposit bonus both benefit the casino and players by providing opportunities to respectively expand and experience the online gaming scene.