The Pros and Cons of Bingo TV

Bingo on television isn’t exactly a new innovation to the classic card game, but it is only now that the new game medium is gaining a steady following.

As the name already suggests, bingo TV is a bingo game that can be played by watching the bingo program on television or online. In a way, it is the in-between of online bingo and traditional bingo.

Looking at the number of players attracted by this game, it is easy to see that the game is becoming larger and larger, gaining a devout following that can propel the game into new heights. Still, like with most new game formats, bingo TV has its share of pros and cons.

So what are the advantages of bingo TV?

Basically, bingo TV is for the player who wants the convenience of online bingo and the feel of traditional bingo. If a player will indeed watch the game from his or her television set, an actual card is involved.

This means the player will have to mark the cards in order to check if he or she has the winning card.

The show itself also tries to replicate the atmosphere of online bingo. Onscreen, the player will see the numbers actually and physically being drawn and called. Although it is done from afar, the atmosphere and the feel remain the same.

Of course, many online bingo rooms also try to replicate the same experience, although very few still have live callers to announce each drawn number.

In general, bingo TV offers the convenience of online bingo but not its services and features

This is where its disadvantages can be found. Of course, bingo TV is still more convenient compared to actual physical bingo.

One can play the game right at the comforts of his or her homes, eliminating the need to drive and travel to the bingo hall. This saves the player time and money – resources that can be used for bingo instead.

On the other hand, bingo TV, while convenient, still cannot hold a candle against the advantages of online bingo. Bingo TV isn’t available 24/7 since it is aired according to a set schedule.

Also, Bingo TV often has no diverse set of bingo games. Bingo TV is perfect for players who have the time to really pay attention to the game (since the cards have to be automatically marked), but not exactly ideal for those used to the automatic marking feature of online bingo.

So what’s the verdict?

Bingo TV is a very appealing innovation to the classic bingo age. After all, there is poker TV, you players can’t participate in a poker game being aired on air. Hardcore bingo players may want to try it, simply to check out how this is different from the other bingo games.

Although it has its share its limitations, it cannot be denied that it is a welcome addition to the innovative bingo family. In the following years, it can be expected the bingo TV will be a major player in this industry.