The Profile of a Bingo Chat Master

Playing bingo in a traditional brick and mortar venue is often considered as a very social activity. This is even one of the reasons why some traditional players do not want to give other new bingo venues, such as TV bingo or mobile bingo, a try.

They want to experience the same bingo they have been playing, complete with the number callers and the feeling of being around other players eager to win the next jackpot.

In short, playing bingo for them is not simply a matter of playing the game; it is the whole experience. Remove one aspect of the game and it becomes a lesser experience.

However, online bingo tries to replicate this sensation by offering the chat function in the online bingo program, whether if the program is program-based or web browser/Flash-based.

It is not the same, needless to say, but it adds a different flavor to the game. It is a nice touch, making it seem like it is acknowledging bingo tradition and at the same time embracing the future of bingo.

There are proper etiquette when inside a bingo hall, etiquette that should be followed in order not to earn the ire of other players. The same applies with online bingo players who use the chat function of online bingo programs.

Basically, these basic online chat etiquette rules are similar to general Internet chat etiquette. However, what many fail to take into consideration is the fact that online chatting in bingo programs online differs compared to its traditional counterpart.

For one, an online bingo chatter can actually converse with other players during the game, something that cannot be done in your traditional brick and mortar bingo halls.

The reason for this is simple: it is easier to ignore online bingo chatter than real chatter. Online bingo chat isn’t as distracting for people who prefer not to talk to other people when playing.

However, it allows players to chat if they want to chat. Players actually have a choice. This is one reason why online bingo and traditional live bingo offer different gaming experiences.

Of course, when chatting, your usual good manners and right conduct should be applied. An online bingo chatter should never insult or offend other members through trash talk and other undesirable language.

Many online bingo providers have rules regarding proper chatting etiquette; a responsible player must observe these at all times. Never use all caps when chatting with other players, since this corresponds to shouting in real life.

Although it is allowed to talk to other players during a game, do not use the chat to distract other players through scrupulous means. In general, refrain from doing anything you would not do offline in the online bingo chat.

Remember that abuse of the chat function and general bad attitude exhibited in the online bingo chat rooms are reasons for sanctions.

An online bingo chatter should be responsible and respectful of others. In the end, these are generally the rules that should be followed in order to be become a bingo chat master.

Is Chatting Really Important in Online Bingo?

If you have played an online card or casino game before, then you have probably noticed the existence of chatting functions in their programs.

The same is true for online bingo programs. The chat function has played a huge part in the advent of online bingo as one of the major online games on the internet.

This is mainly because people often trumpet bingo as among the most social card games of its kind.

Of course, you interact with your opponents in a blackjack game (in contrast, you cannot even talk to your opponents, if you can call them that, in bingo). However, the sensation and the experience are very much different.

This is probably because the competitive spirit is alive in these games despite the fact that you don’t really “compete” with each other.

The atmosphere in bingo halls are usually cheerful, jovial, and very wholesome even if the game is usually very quiet (players cannot talk to each, after all).

With this in mind, does the chat function in online bingo sites really serve their purpose? Are they really important?

The chat function is a way to recreate the sensation of playing in a traditional bingo hall. Therefore, in this manner, it is truly important.

Many do play the online game with the intention of getting the same feel they get in bingo halls—which means they want the same atmosphere and social climate to be the same.

The chat function cannot, by any means, fully copy the same atmosphere, but it is a good way to compensate for the game’s shortcomings.

This is one of the reasons why people choose online bingo over the other forms of new bingo, such as bingo TV or mobile bingo. These two only recreates the game; it cannot provide the “sensation,” so to speak.

Also, chatting has changed the landscape of online gaming—and this is not limited to casino games. So it is only natural that online bingo follows.

It highlights the advantage of online bingo over the more traditional way of playing the game. For instance, it allows players to talk and form deeper and more intimidate bonds with other players.

It can even connect players with other players from other countries! Needless to say, this is something traditional bingo cannot match.

The chat function also allows the players to form an online community within the service. This is natural, of course, in any form of online interactions and programs, and the chat feature helps facilitate this.

The sense of community heightens the game, actually. As any player would know, it is much, much more fulfilling and more enjoyable to play the game with people you know.

Through the online chat function, players can form bonds and make an online community with other bingo enthusiasts. All these are possible in traditional bingo halls, but the internet surely makes it easier.

Of course, chatting means more responsibilities and problems. But no matter – all the perks of online bingo chatting functions surely make up for whatever it brings.