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After selecting your game cards or having them selected for you online, you are ready to play a game.

The numbers when called online will be automatically daubed and you will not have to mark the called numbers yourself. Make sure you know the winning pattern for the game you are playing. In a 75 ball game, each card will have 24 numbers and a free space.

A letter from the word BINGO heads the five columns and each column will have a random selection of numbers from the 15 that are set for that number. For example the Letter “I” will have five numbers between 16 and 30.

The letter “O” will have five numbers between 61 and 75. Since the letter “N” only has four number spaces and the free space there will only be four numbers between 46 and 60. The “B” and the “G” have a random five numbers each between 1 and 15 for the “B” and 46 to 60 for the letter “G”.

When each number is called in a live game the caller will give the players a few seconds to mark their cards. In an online game the cards get marked automatically.

Each player is responsible for knowing the winning pattern of the game they are playing in a live game. Online the pattern is displayed on your computer screen.

As the letter/numbers are called, the winner of the game begins to fill in the winning pattern. The straight-line pattern in most games is vertical, horizontal or on the diagonal. There are other patterns for games like a coverall or the four corners.

The winners in the straight-line games are usually found in very few calls. The other patterns will usually take more calls to come up with a winner. The game is completed when one or more winners are verified to have a winning set of numbers that have been called.


In live bingo halls where you can pick your own cards, pick a selection of cards that have a low card number and a middle card number and a high card number. The reason for this is the type of game will dictate the type of card that will be the likely winner.

For example in a coverall game the numbers that are called can be close together and take many calls to come up with a winner. In a simple straight-line game the numbers can be anywhere between 1 and 75.

They also will have a tendency to end in different digits, specifically in the first ten to twelve numbers that are called.

As always in social situations the players should be courteous to one another as this improves the playing experience for all. Discourteous players can make for a long session of play.

A number showing in one game is not a sure bet in the next game. Remember this is a random number game.

A good neighbor policy is buy a lucky card for a player during the session of play. You never know what will happen later if they have a big win. If you have a big win buy a drink or flip the players around you a lucky dollar. Goodwill is contagious in a social setting like bingo.

Play live bingo on slow nights to cut the number of players you are playing against. The actual number of cards out for any game will be smaller than on a night where there is a crowd. Online watch the player count to see if there is a time of day with fewer players.


Most halls and online a player can buy and play as many cards as the want to for most games. The number of cards that are possible is a large number since there are 75 numbers and there are many variables when each card only uses 24 numbers each.

The total number of possible cards does not affect the chances of winning. The number of cards purchased for an individual game can have very distinct affect on the outcome of a specific game.
How to Play

The traditional bingo game is played live in a hall. The Internet has radically changed this and players from all over the world can play on an Internet bingo site. In a 75 ball game the balls are numbered by a letter and a number.

Each letter has 15 sequenced numbers assigned to it and this stay constant in the game. The balls are put in a rotating hopper and are selected one at a time by the random fall of the balls within the hopper.

The game is completed when a player fills the game pattern with verified numbers from those that were called during the game. If the bingo call was a mistake, the game will resume until there is a verified winner.

The odds of winning a specific game are all about the number of cards sold for that game and the number of cards that the player purchased. In a game with 1000 cards sold and the player is playing 10 cards, the odds of winning that game for the player is one in a 100.

This will help the player decide how many cards to purchase for a game based on the prize bingo money. The game like all gambling games is playing the odds and figuring the chance of winning the prize versus the payoff if you do win.