Online Bingo FAQ. What is Bingo? How do online bingo sites work?

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How can I find an online bingo site?

One way is to type into a search engine “reviews of online bingo websites”. This search will result in a large number of bingo sites that are on the Internet. Read the reviews and pick a couple to check out.

What age is legal to play online bingo for money?

In most countries a player has to be 21 years old. There are countries with a legal age of 18. The law where you reside governs at what age you can play.

What does it cost to play bingo on the Internet?

Most online bingo sites have a range of prices for the cards for different games. The card prices vary depending on the jackpot the game pays for a bingo. The price per card can be five cents to $1 a card. The price also varies between different bingo sites.

How do I get started playing bingo online?

Once a player has found an online site, the player must register and open an account and then fund the account by any of the deposit methods accepted by the online site. Many sites will give a new player a small free credit to their account to try the play on the site for free.

How do I fund my new account at a bingo site online?

A player can use any of the deposit methods listed in the cashier section of the website. On many sites all it will take is a credit card in your name.

If I win, how do I get my winnings sent to me?

You must follow the rules for withdrawal that are usually found in the cashier section of the website. If you meet the rules for withdrawal, you can use any of the withdrawal methods that you are set up to use.

How secure is the money handling on a bingo website?

Money transfers are handled in a very secure manner by online gaming sties. The information is encrypted and the site has many safe guards to insure that the cashier section cannot be hacked. The risk is probably the same as using a credit card online with any reputable business.

How many cards can I play in one game?

Some sites will let a player play up to 100 cards per game. Of course this could be very expensive if it is a game with a $1 cost per card. Most players play eight to 24 cards per game. At a dime a card the number of cards per game may be increased slightly. If a player elects to use the automatic daub feature it is easy to play multiple cards.

If my Internet connection goes down what happens?

The player continues to play with the cards they have purchased and if they bingo, the winnings are awarded to the player even though they are not online at the time.

Is Live Chat available between players?

Yes and it is even encouraged on many bingo sites since they schedule what they call Chat games in so-called Chat rooms. Friendships are encouraged between players as this makes the games friendlier and keeps players coming back.