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123 Bingo review
123 Bingo
Enter bingo rooms and get a $25 free signup bonus $25 Get Bonus
888 Ladies Bingo review
888 Ladies Bingo
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Angry Bingo review
Angry Bingo
Get up to £20 free in bonus cash! $, £, €5 Get Bonus
Big Brother Bingo review
Big Brother Bingo closed
$, £, €n/a Get Bonus
Big Time Bingo review
Big Time Bingo closed
$25 Get Bonus
Bingo 3x review
Bingo 3x
Deposit £10 and get £20 free $, £, €n/a Get Bonus
Bingo Billy review
Bingo Billy
$30 free bonus - no deposit required $30 Get Bonus
Bingo Boogie review
Bingo Boogie
Deposit £5 and claim a 400% first deposit £n/a Get Bonus
Bingo Cams review
Bingo Cams
200% Welcome Bonus up to £/€100! £, €5 Get Bonus
Bingo Canada review
Bingo Canada
Deposit $500 or more and get 800% bingo bonus $30 Get Bonus
Bingo Extra review
Bingo Extra
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Bingo Fest review
Bingo Fest
Get up to 400% every time you fund your account $30 Get Bonus
Bingo For Money review
Bingo For Money
Get $50 just for joining in $50 Get Bonus
Bingo Friends review
Bingo Friends
Deposit £10 when you sign up and get 100% extra free! £n/a Get Bonus
Bingo Hall review
Bingo Hall
Get $30 free no deposit required $30 Get Bonus
Bingo Hero review
Bingo Hero
Make your First Deposit of £10, get £40 Bonus added instantly £15 Get Bonus
Bingo Knights review
Bingo Knights
Claim your $75 signup bonus $75 Get Bonus
Bingo La review
Bingo La
Get a massive 200% in additional bonus funds $, £, €5 Get Bonus
Bingo Legacy review
Bingo Legacy
Massive Welcome Bonus up to 1150% £10 Get Bonus
Bingo Magix review
Bingo Magix
Deposit minimum of £10 and claim a 600% first deposit bonus. £15 Get Bonus
Bingo Mania review
Bingo Mania
300% bonus on deposits $100+ $100 Get Bonus
Bingo on the Box review
Bingo on the Box
Play Online at Bingo on The Box! Deposit £10 play with £40! £15 Get Bonus
Bingo Palace review
Bingo Palace closed
$25 Get Bonus
Bingo Please review
Bingo Please closed
$, £, € Get Bonus
Bingo Sky review
Bingo Sky
Bonuses of up to 1500% when making your first 3 deposits $25 Get Bonus
Bingo Stars review
Bingo Stars
Deposit £20, play with £40! £10 Get Bonus
Bingo Street review
Bingo Street
New players only. Deposit min of £5, get 200% bingo bonus. $, £, € Get Bonus
Bingo Tag review
Bingo Tag closed
$, £, € Get Bonus
Biscuit Bingo review
Biscuit Bingo
Welcome bonus £15 free to play, no deposit £15 Get Bonus
Bright Bingo review
Bright Bingo
£2 Get Bonus
Buddha Bingo review
Buddha Bingo
Join now for a 350% match bonus $, £, €15 Get Bonus
Budget Bingo review
Budget Bingo
£20 no deposit offer £20 Get Bonus
Butlers Bingo review
Butlers Bingo
£, € Get Bonus
Butter Cup Bingo review
Butter Cup Bingo
Spend £10 play with £60 bonus £15 Get Bonus
Butterfly Bingo review
Butterfly Bingo
$, £, € Get Bonus
Cheeky Bingo review
Cheeky Bingo
$, £, €10 Get Bonus
Chitchat Bingo review
Chitchat Bingo
£30 Get Bonus
City Bingo review
City Bingo
250% first deposit bonus $, £, €10 Get Bonus
Comfy Bingo review
Comfy Bingo
First Deposit - 500% Bonus £15 Get Bonus
Costa Bingo review
Costa Bingo
500% first match bonus $, £, €5 Get Bonus
Crocodile Bingo review
Crocodile Bingo
Add £10 and get £30 in bonus cash $, £, €5 Get Bonus
Cyber Bingo review
Cyber Bingo
Get an amazing 1500% in free bonuses when you fund your account $35 Get Bonus
Deepsea Bingo review
Deepsea Bingo
Get a 500% bonus on your First Deposit $, £, €5 Get Bonus
Dino Bingo review
Dino Bingo
Welcome bonus 300% extra, up to £60! $, £, €10 Get Bonus
Dream Bingo review
Dream Bingo
£, €15 Get Bonus
Epic Bingo review
Epic Bingo
Register now and get £20 free £20 Get Bonus
Fancy Bingo review
Fancy Bingo
New players get a 300% Welcome Bonus $, £, €5 Get Bonus
Farmyard Bingo review
Farmyard Bingo
deposit £10, get £30 in bonus bingo funds $, £, €5 Get Bonus
Foxy Bingo review
Foxy Bingo
£5 free play + 300% deposit bonus $, £, €5 Get Bonus
Gala Bingo review
Gala Bingo
£30 bonus when you spend £10 on Bingo $, £, € Get Bonus
Gamevillage Bingo review
Gamevillage Bingo
Deposit minimum of £5 and claim a 400% first deposit bonus £20 Get Bonus
Giant Bingo review
Giant Bingo
Get your very own super-sized bonus of 200% $, £, €10 Get Bonus
Giggle Bingo review
Giggle Bingo
A massive 100% on your first 4 deposits $, £, €10 Get Bonus
Glorious Bingo review
Glorious Bingo
100% bonus on your first deposit $, £, € Get Bonus
Gone Bingo review
Gone Bingo
£15 Free No Deposit Required £15 Get Bonus
Gossip Bingo review
Gossip Bingo
Welcome offer: play with £60 + 10 spins $, £, € Get Bonus
Harrys Bingo review
Harrys Bingo
£15 Free, No Deposit Required £15 Get Bonus
House of Bingo review
House of Bingo
Make your First Deposit of £10, get £40 Bonus added instantly £20 Get Bonus
Instant Bingo review
Instant Bingo
Deposit $100 and get 400% bonus $25 Get Bonus
Jackpot Cafe review
Jackpot Cafe
£20 Get Bonus
Jackpot City Bingo review
Jackpot City Bingo closed
£ Get Bonus
Jackpot Liner review
Jackpot Liner
£20 Get Bonus
King Jackpot review
King Jackpot
£20 Get Bonus
Kingdom of Bingo review
Kingdom of Bingo
Get a 300% bonus with up to £60 of free bonus cash $, £, €5 Get Bonus
Kitty Bingo review
Kitty Bingo
£30 Free Bingo Bonus + 100 Free Spins £n/a Get Bonus
Landmark Bingo review
Landmark Bingo
500% First Deposit Bonus, spend £10, play with £60 £15 Get Bonus
Loadsa Bingo review
Loadsa Bingo
$, £, € Get Bonus
Lucky Pants Bingo review
Lucky Pants Bingo
300% bingo bonus plus 100 free spins £5 Get Bonus
Mecca Bingo review
Mecca Bingo
Spend £10 on bingo, play with £50 $, £, € Get Bonus
Monkey Bingo review
Monkey Bingo
Deposit £10, get £25 in bonus bingo funds $, £, €10 Get Bonus
Moon Bingo review
Moon Bingo
$, £, € Get Bonus
Mummies Bingo review
Mummies Bingo
£15 Get Bonus
NewLook Bingo review
NewLook Bingo
Free £15 Welcome Bonus £15 Get Bonus
Nova Bingo review
Nova Bingo
$, £, € Get Bonus
Nutty Bingo review
Nutty Bingo
$, £, € Get Bonus
Online Bingo review
Online Bingo closed
$10 Get Bonus
Play2Win Bingo review
Play2Win Bingo
Register now and get £10 Free $, £, €10 Get Bonus
Polo Bingo review
Polo Bingo
Get 450% bonus up to £350 $, £, € Get Bonus
Posh Bingo review
Posh Bingo
$, £, € Get Bonus
Rapchic Bingo review
Rapchic Bingo
Get over £20 free on first deposit of £10 £- Get Bonus
Red Bus Bingo review
Red Bus Bingo
Deposit £10 Play With £35 $, £, € Get Bonus
Rio Bingo review
Rio Bingo
£5 sign up bonus to new players only, no code required. $, £, €5 Get Bonus
Robin Hood Bingo review
Robin Hood Bingo
Play with £60 for just £10 $, £, € Get Bonus
Rocket Bingo review
Rocket Bingo
Get £20 in bonus money when deposit £10 £20 Get Bonus
Rollover Bingo review
Rollover Bingo
$, £, € Get Bonus
Scrummy Bingo review
Scrummy Bingo
£15 Get Bonus
Silk Bingo review
Silk Bingo
$, £, € Get Bonus
Sing Bingo review
Sing Bingo
Deposit £10 and get £35 extra bonus $, £, €5 Get Bonus
Smooth Bingo review
Smooth Bingo
£15 Get Bonus
South Beach Bingo review
South Beach Bingo
$55 Get Bonus
Sparkling Bingo review
Sparkling Bingo
£ Get Bonus
Sparkly Bingo review
Sparkly Bingo
Deposit of £10 get £25 in bonus bingo funds $, £, €5 Get Bonus
Starlight Bingo review
Starlight Bingo closed
£15 Get Bonus
Sugar Bingo review
Sugar Bingo
Start with £5 & get up to £70 Bonus! $, £, €n/a Get Bonus
Tasty Bingo review
Tasty Bingo
$, £, € Get Bonus
Treasure Bingo review
Treasure Bingo
$, £, €5 Get Bonus
United Colours of Bingo review
United Colours of Bingo
£20 Get Bonus
Vics Bingo review
Vics Bingo
$50 Get Bonus
We Want Bingo review
We Want Bingo
$, £, €5 Get Bonus
Wink Bingo review
Wink Bingo
Deposit £10, Play with £47, Enjoy the unexpected. $, £, €5 Get Bonus
Winneroo Bingo review
Winneroo Bingo closed
$, £, € Get Bonus
Wish Bingo review
Wish Bingo
Claim up to £50 in bonus cash! $, £, €5 Get Bonus
WOW Bingo review
WOW Bingo
£15 Get Bonus
Zingo Bingo review
Zingo Bingo
£ Get Bonus

Bingo Bonuses:  Top bingo bonuses from Online Bingo – see all the latest results from our online bingo bonus section. Take a look at what some of the top online bingo sites have to offer in the way of promotions and bonuses. Bingo Bonuses including free bingo bonuses free bingo cards with no deposit required.

Online Bingo Bonuses

At Online BallBingo you can find the best Online Bingo offers, free articles about bingo, keno, gambling and online bingo reviews. Online Bingo is dedicated to providing you with the best bingo bonuses information available today. We are so confident that you will find us to be an indispensable source for online bingo news, that we recommend you to bookmark our site.

Bingo Bonuses – enter a deposit and re-deposit values and calculate your bingo bonus amount. Bingo Bonuses calculator will calculate the amount of free bingo bonus return from a deposit of a certain size. Type values in the fields and then choose the “calculate” button – you will see the updated table and the bingo bonuses you can get from the values typed in the field.

Sign up Bingo Bonuses

A sign up bonus is the percentage or fixed amount of bonus money which an online bingo player will receive upon registration and deposit to any online bingo hall. This can be based on the amount of his first deposit in percentage equivalent or it can be a fixed amount of free money as a gesture of generosity from the operator for the player’s choice.

Sign up bonuses are often accompanied by the note* Terms and Conditions Apply, at some bingo operators which in reality corresponds to the wagering requirements that accompany a bonus offering. (=Wagering Requirement: The amount of money that has to be played before a player has the right to withdraw fund from his bingo account). Not all online bingo halls have wagering requirements but it is advisable to take the time to look through the terms and conditions before making your first deposit.

First of all a player should consider the amount of the initial bonus given by the bingo hall; this is no case does not mean that the bigger the better. The majority of online bingo rooms offer boosted sign-up bonuses, but the amounts in most situations differ; the differentiation can be based on a number of factors. Some rooms offer more than 500% in sign-up bonuses while others offer only 50%. Players should take a deep look in to what comes together with the bonus package and not the actual amount only. Some bingo halls offer loyalty programs, constant jackpots or even returning players reload bonuses which in many cases come to an equilibrium or even exceed the amount of bonus given by other rooms.

When it comes to sign-up bonuses, you should be familiar with the bonus conditions or wagering requirements as they are also called (they can be found on terms and conditions page of any listed site) as mentioned above. Despite the name of the term itself, “bonus” money is rarely 100% free. In most instances, you have to play a number of games or spend a specific percentage equivalent to the bonus before you are entitled to process a withdrawal of any amount of money. This can vary however, as some bonuses are very easy to obtain while others take a very long time to clear

Occasionally, you have to play at a level that’s too high for you in order to clear the bonus on time. Then you run the risk of losing all your money before you’ve even met the conditions, and you end up having to deposit more money if you still want to get your bonus. You should always make sure to check the bonus terms carefully before you sign up with any bingo hall.

Chat Bonuses

A chat bonus is the free credit or free bonus percentage which is awarded to players for their participation on bingo chat games by the Chat Master (CM) of an ongoing bingo game. Each online bingo operator maintains a chat room in the actual window of the bingo games itself which is used to enhance players to exchange comments, jokes and experiences and it has proved to be an excellent way for players to get closer, team up and have fun. In any bingo chat hall you will notice that one particular individual is marked with a crown, a star, or an emblem showing that he/she is the chat leader. The role of a CM is to answer questions, help players with queries and keep the chat going in a respectful manner. Bingo Cm’s run trivia games parallel to the flow of the bingo games to maintain liveliness and enhance players to earn bonus bucks or bonus points. As you can fairly understand there might be over 200 players on a particular bingo game and the CM will have to cater to the questions of all players at the same time; becoming an active member of the chat games and helping out fellow players will in reality make the task of the CM much easier, which in exchange will be paid off by a so called chat bonus.

Referral Bingo Bonuses

A referral bonus is the bonus amount which a player will receive from the online bingo site he plays at as a gesture of generosity for referring a new friend to the game. It can be considered as a bonus to pay off your efforts in spreading the word. Referral bonuses vary from site to site and they can often reach up to $50 or £ 50. Note that to qualify for a referral bonus the referred party will have to successfully sign up an account.
Reload Bonus

A reload bonus which can be often seen advertised on online bingo sites is the percentage of bonus you will receive for each following deposit you make with the online bingo hall itself. Usually reload bonuses vary from 100% all the way up to 500% in many cases and in some situations depend on the means you use to make your deposit e.g Visa, Neteller, Moneybookers, EwalletXpress. Note that the first time is usually slightly boosted and it gradually goes down at most online bingo sites.

Bingo Bonus Codes

Bonus Codes are alphanumerical codes or codes embedded in referral links which are given from online bingo halls to online bingo directories or online bingo advertisers to promote a particular brand with a higher bonus than usual. Players signing up through a bonus code will receive a higher bonus than they would usual as online bingo directories or online bingo portals have the benefit of negotiating better bonus deals for their players. Use any of the exclusive bonus codes posted here to ensure a boosted sign up bonus at any of the listed online bingo sites.

No Deposit Bingo Bonuses

A no deposit bingo bonus is the free bonus which a player can claim after he has signed up an account with an online bingo hall. (Note* not all sites offer free bingo bonus). This free bonus is a credit to your account to test trial the games before you decide to make a real deposit. In there majority online bingo halls have a restriction that this no deposit bingo bonus can only be used for trial of the games and therefore a win that might evolve from the playing with this particular credit is not viable to be cashed out. No deposit bingo bonuses vary from $10/ £10 to a maximum of $30/£30 depending on the operator.

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