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Bingo Articles

Is Online Bingo Really Gambling

Seriously, is online bingo a type of gambling? Besides, why would it matter? You see, there are already several countries—United States, for one—that are closing their doors on Internet gambling […]

December 12,2012

Is Online Bingo a Woman’s World

The past descriptions of a bingo player bordered on a stereotypical: an old person in his or her twilight years, enjoying a simple game of tagging numbers. The excitement that […]

December 04,2012

Is Online Bingo a Fair Game – factors that ensure the fairness of a bingo game

Bingo is perhaps one of the most played social games in the entire planet. Even if you find somebody who doesn’t play, that person is still more likely to have […]

December 01,2012

How to Fully Enjoy a Bingo Cruise

A bingo cruise is of one of the more ingenious, innovative ways to enjoy bingo. After all, people are accustomed to playing bingo in a confined setting as such a […]

November 29,2012

How Does the Smoking Ban Affect the Popularity of Traditional Bingo and Online Bingo

Online bingo, you may not notice instantly, is among the more popular online card games in the world. It does not offer the sophistication of poker or rummy, for one, […]

November 25,2012

Bingo Odds and Possibilities

One does not need to be a mathematical genius to figure out the probability of winning in a bingo game. There are no special formulas or complex strategies to follow. […]

November 24,2012

Bingo and Charity Connection

When you ask many long-time bingo enthusiasts the question of why they keep on playing, they would probably tell you many reasons. Some would say it is due to the […]

November 14,2012

30 Ball Bingo. The Newest Member of the Bingo Family

For the longest time, the 75 ball bingo and the 90 ball bingo have been the more popular types of bingo being played both offline and offline. The 75 ball […]

November 02,2012

Bingo Popularity in UK

Bingo is very popular in the United Kingdom. This may seem somewhat unexpected for many, especially for those who do not live in the country. However, this is pretty much […]

November 28,2011

Why is Bingo Popular in the United Kingdom?

It’s a fact: bingo is extremely popular in the United Kingdom. More than three million people play bingo – weekly! And this is just in the United Kingdom alone; we’re […]

July 31,2010

Is Online Bingo Really Gambling

Is bingo gambling? And, furthermore, is online bingo gambling? These are very common questions asked regarding bingo and online bingo. Many say that bingo (and online bingo) is not gambling […]

July 27,2010

The Basics of Online Bingo and Facts You Need to Know

Want to try your luck in playing online bingo? Surely, you already know how to play bingo. With the information that you can find below, though, now you can always […]

July 24,2010

The Advantage of Non-download Bingo

Have you ever been to an online bingo website? Whether you have or haven’t, you must know that there are actually two ways on how to play their bingo games: […]

July 21,2010

Bingo Number Calling and Bingo Nicknames

One of the very distinct characteristics of bingo games is the use of bingo number nicknames. They add fun to any bingo proceedings, although, truth be told, they are not […]

July 14,2010